You should try this fall trend in 2021 – according to the zodiac sign

We now refer to  astrology for all sorts of things – love, careers, and even our emotions. So why not ask the stars when looking for an outfit? In the fashion horoscope we present the fashion trend that best suits the personality of your zodiac sign. We also want to encourage you to try out a fashion trend that you might not have thought was for you. 

Fall trend for Aries: the college jacket

You are a real daredevil and always want your head through the wall. Your clothes should therefore always offer particular freedom of movement and comfort. Nevertheless, you are anything but the type who likes functional clothing. After all, you like to set the tone and that includes fashion. That’s why you should go for a college jacket this fall  . They are casual and trend-conscious at the same time.

Fall trend for the Taurus: a trench coat

Trying crazy new trends? Nothing for you – you are a real creature of habit and like to stay true to your style. You prefer to invest in high-quality classics that don’t have a fashionable expiry date than in entertaining hype. And the fashion trend that meets all your requirements is of course a classic trench coat. This coat is at least as reliable as you are in the transition period.

Autumn trend for the twin: jelly boots

As a twin, you are not only very communicative, but also particularly curious and eager to experiment. That’s why you like to try out new and weird trends. And this autumn, jelly boots made of brightly colored rubber are probably one of the most unusual shoe trends of the season. You have to show a little courage for them, but you always have that.

Fall trend for cancer: sorbet suits

As Cancer, you are a watermark – and thus also a real summer child. You love playful fashion and soft ice cream colors. How do you bring summer into autumn now? Quite simply – with suits in soft sorbet colors. This trend will now caress your soul and sweeten your everyday life.

Fall trend for lions: rich colors

You like to stand out and be the center of attention and you show that with every fiber of your body – also with your looks. Therefore, you should now rely on rich colors such as bright green, royal blue and sunny yellow. Whether blazer, statement coat or dress – bold colors underline your self-confidence. And you are guaranteed the looks of your admirers in it.

Fall trend for the virgin: dresses with a 70s look

A fashion trend that suits you perfectly? High-necked dresses in the 70s look with loops and swinging skirts! The fashion trend is as noble as it is suitable for everyday use – exactly what meets the needs of the discerning virgin. With boots with a wide shaft, the dress trend becomes the perfect transition look.

Autumn trend for the Libra: knitwear de luxe

Libra are the aesthetic spirits of the zodiac sign. A trend that will best satisfy your sense of beauty in autumn 2021? Knit creations that exude the nonchalant elegance of the 90s. High-quality knitwear is particularly understated, a characteristic that is also inherent in the prudent Libra. Whether as an ensemble, dress or classic sweater – knitwear will give you comfort in autumn 2021.

Fall trend for scorpions: sequin dresses

As a Scorpio you are particularly passionate and you are surrounded by an erotic aura. The perfect fashion trend for your seduction games? lovely sequin dresses! This fashion trend is exciting, but not too revealing – it makes you the protagonist of your secret, erotic fantasies.

Fall trend for Sagittarius: A-line mini skirt

As Sagittarius, you are one of the most freedom-loving personalities in the entire zodiac and are always looking for an adventure. A-line mini skirts go particularly well with your daring character. Not only are they lovely, but they are also synonymous with rebellion.

Fall trend for ibexes: straight leg jeans

Are you looking for the perfect jeans for you? Then as a Capricorn, you should now put on straight leg jeans. Straight-cut trousers are the fashion trend for autumn and their simplicity makes them particularly versatile – for example with a blazer and shirt in men’s style. As an ambitious Capricorn, you can even wear jeans in the office. In the office, look for jeans in dark washes.

Autumn trend for Aquarius: statement tank tops

As an Aquarius, you are a creative soul who wants to change the world and almost always swims against the current. 08/15 Fashion trends are therefore not your thing – for you it has to be a little more unusual, but still be suitable for everyday use.

Our tip for the transition: a statement tank top. The fashion trend with a nerd factor is perfect for giving everyday looks from jeans and shirts a new freshness – a creative look is that easy. 

Fall trend for fish: romantic looks

As a fish, you are particularly romantic and sensitive. That is why you are also looking for romantic fashion trends in fashion. Dear fish, we have news for you! Because this is not just your season, it’s your age. Puff-sleeved blouses , floral dresses and ruffle tops – this autumn you can really indulge in your wardrobe. 

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