This flower suits you – according to your zodiac sign

What could be nicer than a bouquet of flowers? Almost nothing. Flowers immediately put you in a good mood, are a wonderful compliment and show us that someone has worried about us.

Which boys choose exactly the right flower, however, presents our boys with an almost impossible task every time. Guys, before you give your lady of the heart a cactus, just judge by the stars! Because the zodiac sign of your date reveals which flower best suits your character.

This flower matches your zodiac sign

Aries – poppy flower

Aries is impulsive, combative and passionate. Nothing stops women with this zodiac sign so quickly, they are extremely determined. A poppy flower in fiery red goes best with a spirited Aries woman.

Taurus – lily of the valley

Bingo! Bull-born are totally connected to nature and love flowers more than anything. Exactly the right woman to surprise her with a beautiful bouquet! Because bulls are very down-to-earth and humble, the perfect flower for them is the lily of the valley – a floral symbol for loyalty and deep love.

Gemini – forget-me-not

Twins are very communicative beings with entertainer qualities that quickly wrap their counterparts around their fingers. It is also thanks to their extroverted nature that they are remembered by everyone. Which flower would match the air sign better than forget-me-not?


Cancer – Rose

A gift for a cancer lady should be symbolic. Women of this zodiac sign are very skeptical. Only when you have broken through their wall do they show how emotional and sensitive they really are. The watermark celebrates love – and which flower symbolizes it more than the red rose? Exactly – none.


Leo – sunflower

Oops, here I come – that’s the motto of the lion-born. She wants to stand out, be the star and enjoy life to the fullest. Only one flower can be used for the fire sign: the sunflower. Because it stands for pure light and life.

Virgo – Dahlia

Virgins are connected to nature as earth signs. They love natural beauty and are characterized by their reason, efficiency, and loyalty. The Virgin particularly likes a bouquet of red dahlias, because it expresses deep and deep feelings.

Libra – daffodil

The Libra has a strong sense of style and attaches great importance to the external appearance – this also applies to the air sign itself. A daffodil comes closest to the ideal of those born in Libra.

Scorpio – orchid

A woman of the Scorpio zodiac sign is passionate. Sometimes she even tends to drama queen a bit. Therefore, the Scorpio woman is happy about the exotic orchid. Because like no other flower it stands for eroticism and pure passion.

Sagittarius – peony

The peony stands for an abundance of love – perfect for the Sagittarius woman, who also overwhelms her loved ones with affection.

Capricorn – gladiolus

The Capricorn lady is highly efficient and a true fighter nature – but also has a strong sense for the small, beautiful things. The gladiolus fits her personality because it stands for strength of character.


Aquarius – lilac

No other zodiac sign is a free spirit as Aquarius. Air ponds are characterized by their energetic, spirited nature. The perfect flower for an Aquarian girl? Clearly, lilac! In the literature that stands for freedom.


Pisces – water lilies

Fish are very romantic and creative people with a lot of compassion. If your friend is fish, she will be especially happy about an extravagant bouquet with water lilies. Because the water lily stands for friendship and sensitivity.


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