Horoscope: Which 6 zodiac signs can never be satisfied

There is still something! Some of us are incredibly ambitious and have particularly high expectations of ourselves. What comes across as determination and strength, however, is quite a burden in the long run. For the others, but eventually for you too.

According to the horoscope, there are particularly six zodiac signs that can not be satisfied with anything and want more and more. Not only by yourself but also by others. The stars reveal whether you belong too …

Zodiac sign: According to the horoscope, those who can hardly be satisfied


You love the beautiful things in life and rarely come to rest. Your restlessness also means that you want more and more. More adventure, more excitement, more passion. That’s why you often try new things instead of just sticking with one thing longer. So you needn’t be surprised where your constant discontent comes from …


Your weakness: you get bored incredibly quickly. Your initial excitement for a job, a task, an adventure – or even a person – passes quickly and makes room for boredom. Then you quickly start looking for your view of better alternatives. But they only make you happy again temporarily.


You can be happy quickly, but you are also characterized by your big dreams. You have ambitious goals and don’t give up so quickly. This will keep you fighting until you meet your high expectations and put your plans into practice.


You want what you don’t have. You just like the way to the goal much better. But when you do, you’re not really happy. That was far too easy, it can be done even better. There is more in it! And so you are looking for a new, even higher goal that you are aiming for. And repeat this cycle over and over again.


Your world is a very special one – a dream world. You suffer from chronic overestimation of yourself, which is why your goals are usually set too high. As a result, you often cannot reach them and are rather dissatisfied with what you finally have.


Wanting more and more is what defines your work ethic. This is the only way to motivate yourself to go the extra mile and to exceed your own expectations, including those of your boss. Unfortunately, you cannot leave this attitude in the office in the evening – and so you always want more in other areas of life than you already have.


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