They Are The Same Signs But Now They Know What They Are Worth And What They Want

They Are Worth And What They Want

They Are The Same Signs But Now They Know What They Are Worth And What They Want

Don’t say that no one changes overnight, because after putting up with so much emotional crap, there comes a point where you put a stop to it. That’s when you discover that you are not here to settle for anyone’s leftovers and you deserve to be respected for each of your steps. They already understood it, they are the same signs but now they know what they are worth and what they want. They simply prefer loneliness a thousand times over to staying with a company that only makes their lives bitter. 


There came a time when you looked horrible, you didn’t like anything about yourself and you felt like you weren’t worth enough. You were vibrating so low that you ended up involved with people who just broke your soul and mind. You compared yourself to everyone and minimized your achievements. You got used to the crumbs until one day in the middle of crying you promised yourself that no more. That’s when your life changed, you let go of bad love and embraced loneliness. Without a doubt, it has been the greatest display of self-love. You did well Aries


It even seems unbelievable, deep down you knew that you shouldn’t be there and you don’t even remember the moment you fell into such a toxic relationship and forgot about yourself. It hurts to see the photos in which your soul was ripped out, you no longer smiled, you no longer did what you liked, you were not happy and you continued there. What happens is that you were terrified of change, and getting out of your comfort zone and facing reality was very hard. However, with everything and fear you did it. You were able to say goodbye to so much shadow in your life and that saved you. It’s always good to start over and now you know. 


Honestly, you never feel safe, there is a voice in your mind that is very cruel and makes you doubt everything and everyone. You took the right path, but you’re having a hard time coming back to you. Gemini, you have to trust, because no one leaves an unhappy place with their heads held high, it is a very painful process, even when you know it hurts you. Your indecision doesn’t help much, but when you feel like you want to go back, ask yourself why you walked away. You don’t deserve instability, the greatest proof of love you can give yourself is to tell yourself the truth. Listen to yourself, because you have the right to be happy and to recover your self-esteem. Don’t settle for less anymore, please. 


Relationships squeeze your soul because you have a bad habit of giving everything as if you had no more opportunities to love. It is part of your essence to give and give, you like to be there when you are most needed, but people are cruel and abuse it. It’s hard to face being single or saying goodbye to a friend, but you know that better things are always coming. You are no longer here to be that Cancer of always, the one that is put on as a rug so that they can do what they want with it. Now, you will be nice to whoever earns it, not for convenience, just because you learned that it is healthier to stay where everything is reciprocal. 


Suddenly, you saw yourself next to someone who didn’t care about the way you sacrificed yourself to make them smile. There were many times when you had to shut up, look down and continue as if nothing had happened, as if your feelings had no value. However, Leo no longer exists, now he prefers to be called selfish and cruel than to stay next to someone whose the only thing he does is take away energy. Leo knows that he deserves to be loved, to be shown off, to be listened to and that he doesn’t need to beg anyone. The interest is noticeable at first and if someone is not willing to put it on his priority list, he has nothing to do there. 


It is more than clear that there is no one like you when it comes to analyzing situations, you really turn the issue over and over again. It’s hard to accept when you’re wrong with someone because you’re so thorough that you don’t forgive yourself for a mistake. That can be counterproductive because it makes you stay next to someone who doesn’t value you, you hope that he will change, but he doesn’t give you any sign. Virgo, read well, you should not be below anyone. Loving, family, or friendship relationships are the same, that is the key to maintaining harmony. Don’t give up, you made the best decision by saying goodbye. 


Do you know what your problem is? There are times when you worry too much about everything, and your eagerness to give love to others has led you to cold hearts, which have thorns well hidden, and when you least expect them they attack you. Don’t allow it Libra, don’t feel guilty for putting limits on these kinds of people, because they are the ones who take advantage and want to see you miserable. You are no longer the person who runs to save those who play the victim, you understood that it is not healthy to take that role and that before being compassionate with others, you have to be compassionate with yourself. It hasn’t been easy, but you’re doing it and that’s what’s important. You have to applaud every step. 


It is difficult to remove toxic people from your life because they have the gift of disguising themselves perfectly, they arrive with their innocent face and when you least expect it they break you mercilessly. That’s when it becomes a challenge because you have to accept that no matter how much you love them, they don’t do you any good and you have to cut the tie. You are a very emotional and tender sign, with nothing to do with the cruel and mysterious Scorpio that everyone paints. Deep down you know how to forgive and they can take that to their advantage. Do not fall for his Scorpio game, it is useless for you that today everything is rosy and tomorrow hell. You deserve stability and healthy love, don’t forget it for the world. 


Realizing that being through thick and thin has become just a dream is one of the saddest things you can assimilate. Life is not always fair and the fact that you end up giving your heart to someone who does not value it does not mean that you have to settle for their bad way of loving. Time is very sacred, you have understood it after so many disappointments and you are not going to let anyone pass over how much you have to give. Sagittarius, it is better that you focus on your things, what makes you vibrate, your hobbies, and your dreams and then let love enter. Once you have your firm pillars, the departure of new love will hardly affect you, do not forget it. 


Not even your intelligence saves you from emotional predators, no matter how genuine a person is at first, remember that everything changes over time and they may no longer be ready to give you what they promised you one day. What should be clear to you is that you do not have to wait for anyone Capricorn. It’s okay that you respect their process, but it’s not synonymous with having to put up with them opening their eyes and valuing you. There are many other loves that would give anything to be by your side for a second, stay there, where they look at you as the most beautiful of their days and you don’t have to beg for attention. Sometimes the breath you need has to do with saying goodbye. 


Aquarius, you are not going to suffer twice for love, from the first time you break it you realize that you have to cry for a few days and then return to reality without melodrama. It’s not that he doesn’t hurt, it’s that he already suffered and understood that no one dies of love. As they say, out there, you learn from mistakes and he doesn’t care if they judge him cold, he prefers a thousand times to be the bad guy in history than to become the victim that he suffers for everything. Now, Aquarius, knows what he’s worth and what he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to stay with someone who locks him up, who makes less of his comments, who judges him crazy and complains when he walks away from him to have his space. 


Sometimes your self-esteem can be as fragile as a leaf in the middle of autumn. People take advantage of the goodness that is in your heart and abuse that you have the weakness to help and put yourself in the place of others. It is chaotic to face your sweet side because it does not understand the reasons and many times it ends up giving in. Fortunately, there is also your resilient part, the one that inspires you to be better and does not let anyone bring you down. Separating from someone you love may sink you into depression, but in the end, you always find the motivation to keep going. You are not to tolerate jealousy, blackmail, constant calls, and the desire for you to change everything. Not anymore, now who accepts you well, and who doesn’t then let them go? 

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