Signs That Know What They Want And Don’t Settle For Crumbs

Signs That Know What They Want And Don’t Settle For Crumbs

One day they were told that they weren’t worth it, that they were redundant, that they were born to be silent. One day they fell apart but in the depths of that emotional emptiness, they found each other. One day they healed and now they know what they deserve. These signs that know what they want and don’t settle for crumbs. Call them ambitious, call them selfish, call them the black sheep, that after all the criticism slips.

There are signs of the zodiac that understood that life is more beautiful when you don’t conform, when you fight until you feel that your heart is coming out of your chest, in order to achieve your dreams. There are signs that changed the course of her life, that embraced her self-esteem and even with trembling knees broke her fears. These signs no longer accept leftovers.

Signs that know what they want and do not settle for crumbs

They say that when you are not conformist, it is when you learn to give yourself your place when you demand emotional, mental, and physical well-being. When you learn to say no and start setting limits. That’s when you realize what you want in life, what you want and not what others have made you believe and these signs have already discovered it:

5.- Leo 

The brighter the better, that’s the motto that best describes a Leo. A sign that he is not afraid of looks, that he learned that he cannot do much to make everyone like him. However, he picked up trust from him, and now his biggest drive is to fulfill his dreams. Leos are not afraid to shout out loud that they are unattainable for many and that’s fine, because of their charm and the way they fill your soul, the days, not just anyone does. So they have already learned to take their place, they do not want half loves or any other relationship that does not fill them.

4.- Capricorn 

The Capricorn ethic is not linked to failure, they do know that mistakes are part of life, but they don’t plan to sink again just because something went wrong. They work hard, boy do they because they have clear goals and they are not willing to stop now that they have taken flight. So Capricorn is not going to shut up, if someone does not already add him with pain in the heart, they prefer to get him out of his life. It is a sign that takes risks but he also likes stability and is finally achieving it.

3.- Virgo 

You better take two steps back before trying to diminish Virgo’s strength, they are unstoppable and when it comes to doing anything, they are the best. Perfection can be seen in every pore, they demand enough to have people who are really worthwhile by their side. Virgo is tired of having to keep quiet mouths all the time and never win. He got tired of wanting to show the rest when the only person he should please is him, fortunately, he already understood.

2.- Aries 

Final point, be very careful when Aries decides to turn the page because they will not be moved even if you get down on your knees. It’s not that Aries is bad, it’s that he no longer wants to be the one left for later, just to help others. He now wants to fight for his passions, so it really gets his heart pumping. Aries dreams big and knows that he has the ability to make his footsteps echo in every corner of the world. He wants quality projects, it doesn’t matter if it’s about love, work, or family, always quality. Aries is part one of the signs that know what they want and are not satisfied with crumbs.

1.- Taurus 

Taurus likes to let go, they learned that in the middle of the hurricane you can also keep smiling, that life brings lessons that can make you want to throw in the towel, but in the end, the sun always comes out. That is the reason why the resilient side of him has taken his days. He doesn’t want crumbs because he knows it’s worth it, that out there there are those who would give everything to share a moment next to him. He now wants people who really fill him with positive vibes and help bring out the best version of him. 


Signs That Know What They Want And Don't Settle For Crumbs


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