These Zodiac Signs Secretly Dream Of Their Ex In The Relationship

Dream Of Their Ex

These Zodiac Signs Secretly Dream Of Their Ex In The Relationship

For some contemporaries, the end of a partnership is not a big deal. But some people find it really hard to let go. According to the horoscope, three zodiac signs in particular tend to secretly think about their ex even in their new relationship and dream of time together.

Here you can find out which signs of the zodiac they are!


Aries is considered to be the largest creatures of habit. They would prefer to continue some things from the old relationship in the next one. If the fire sign finds out that something in the new partnership is not going according to their ideas, they dream of spending time together with their ex. But if you are with an Aries: don’t worry, because the longing for the past usually doesn’t last very long. Plus, Aries do appreciate what they have!


Pisces are known for their sentimental streak. No matter how happy you are in a new partnership, there are still moments when you still like to remember the love you have lost. It just has a nostalgic value for them. However, these dreams with the ex become less and less common over time. Because as the saying goes: memories can fade!


Okay, things get critical with the lion. The zodiac sign regularly thinks of a past love, but not out of nostalgia, but lions like to keep several options open. And that too in their thoughts and dreams. So in the head of a lion, there is not only room for the current flame, but also for the ex. Can these thoughts become a problem for the new partner? It can be – but ultimately it depends on the individual personality of the lion.

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