These Zodiac Signs Prefer Not To Commit Themselves Right Now

Not To Commit Themselves

These Zodiac Signs Prefer Not To Commit Themselves Right Now

Every one of us needs our freedom from time to time. Some more, some less. And that also applies to relationships. For some zodiac signs, a serious partnership is currently out of the question.

These three signs of the zodiac in particular are currently looking for something more relaxed.


Aries is one of those zodiac signs that do not want to give up their freedom under any circumstances. But he also needs constant attention – preferably from as many people as possible. And there we are with the problem: he cannot decide on a person, so it can happen that the Aries even cheat in a relationship. Affairs are also secretly possible for the zodiac sign. Because it makes him feel independent and free.


This zodiac sign naturally needs adventure and variety. Geminis get bored easily and often lack excitement in their lives. And the twins are particularly feeling this vibe at the moment. Fixed partnerships are therefore currently not interesting for this zodiac sign. The good thing: Geminis are honest and make no secret of their ideas about a “relationship”.


The Scorpio is actually almost always looking for confirmation and needs a lot of attention. At the moment, this is particularly evident in his love life. Getting attention from just one person is only partially enough for the zodiac sign. Relationships are therefore more of a no-go for the Scorpio. He currently prefers casual relationships.

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