These Zodiac Signs Never Make The First Move In A Relationship

First Move In A Relationship

These Zodiac Signs Never Make The First Move In A Relationship

Starting a new relationship can be quite complicated. Especially in the getting-to-know-you phase, you often don’t know where you stand with the other person. Sometimes only a clarifying conversation helps. But these three zodiac signs never make the first move.

You cannot expect any initiative from these partners.


Pisces are very logical and analytical people. They always try to find out as much as possible about their counterpart before making decisions.

At the beginning of a relationship, this means that Pisces like to take their time. Because they are unsure in many areas: Does the partnership really last, is it the right time for a new relationship, is the other just as serious as I am?

Questions that Pisces could ponder for years. It is all the more important that with Pisces the other person ultimately takes the initiative and starts a clarifying conversation. This is because the fish also clearly recognize that there is interest and let themselves fall more quickly. 


Cancers are emotional and very sensitive. The only problem: they show their soft side very reluctantly and extremely rarely. They much prefer to appear hard or unapproachable on the outside and secretly think through every encounter and every date.

Because Cancers are often unsure whether the potential partner really likes them or is just friendly. They only want to open up emotionally when they are absolutely sure. 

It is therefore all the more important for Cancers to take the initiative themselves and thus give the sign of the zodiac an important confirmation for them. This first step can be crucial for the sign of the zodiac to open fully.


The zodiac sign Virgo belongs to the perfectionists. They want to plan everything carefully and have things go exactly the way they want them to. Even as children and adolescents, they, therefore, imagine what the future relationship should look like. And that can be quite problematic.

Because the Virgos tend to quickly imagine dream scenarios in which they are conquered or the partner clearly takes the initiative. Because with all their professional and private tasks, to-do lists, and plans, the Virgo wish for relief in the romantic area.

However, they only very rarely actively express this wish to the outside world and lose themselves in wishful thinking and supposedly “unambiguous” signals. So if you want to win the sign of the zodiac for yourself, you have to take the first step and show that Virgo can relax with you and that a relationship does not result in more duties and tasks.  

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