These zodiac signs need a lot of space in a relationship

Not everyone wants to spend time with their partner around the clock . Some people need a lot of space in a relationship to be really happy. This characteristic also often depends on the zodiac sign .

These four signs of the zodiac, in particular, need a lot of space:


Twins need a lot of adventure and action. You hate it when every day goes like the previous one. That is why they need a lot of “me-time” in a relationship and their partner must understand that the zodiac sign likes to experience something alone . They need variety and this is what they get when they try out the latest cafes alone or with friends or try out a new hobby. She is all the more pleased afterwards to tell her partner about her experiences.


Although Aquarius is a very empathetic and loving partner, he too needs a lot of freedom in a relationship. Because it is particularly important to him to live out his own creativity and thirst for adventure without having to justify himself for it. If an Aquarius feels cramped in their relationship, they can quickly become uncomfortable. Because he distances himself more and more and looks quite aloof and cold-hearted.


Sagittarius is a very spontaneous person. In a relationship, he can drive his partner crazy with it. From one day to the next, he decides to go on a city trip, preferably alone or he goes to an event alone without having said anything. But those who give Sagittarius their freedom will quickly notice that they are the most loyal and loving partner of all.


Cancer is a very fearful person. This fear also means that he rarely lets someone close because he is afraid of being hurt. Even when the zodiac sign is in a relationship, it always tries to keep its partner at a distance. Although Cancer itself is very possessive, it still needs a lot of freedom in the partnership. Only over time does he accept his vulnerability and give his partner his full trust.

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