These zodiac signs are far from loyal

Some people just don’t keep their word, twist the truth, and are far from loyal to friends and colleagues.

And these three zodiac signs are especially important .


Aquarius isn’t exactly known for his loyal streak. On the contrary: it is one of the zodiac signs that you should not necessarily rely on. Because he always puts himself first. Reliability is not really his greatest strength, because he has a mind of his own and he acts accordingly. In relationships with an Aquarius, it is better to take it slow and carefully approach the matter. First of all, check out how serious this zodiac sign really means loyalty!


Sagittarius is also one of the zodiac signs, which in most cases are anything but loyal. Because he loves his freedom and is reluctant to be considerate of others. Sagittarius are known for their impulsive behavior and spontaneous decisions. You can only really rely on them in the rarest of cases. This zodiac sign constantly needs variety and new adventures, and Sagittarius quickly feels trapped in relationships. Building a serious partnership with him is difficult. But once you crack your hard shell, there is definitely room for more.


Unfortunately, in this case, twins often have two faces. Because while this zodiac sign is sugar-sweet and loyal one moment, it turns its back on you the next and lets you fall like a hot potato. Geminis tend to act to their own advantage and often do not think about the fact that they are harming those around them. The friendships of this zodiac sign are therefore mostly only superficial. Unfortunately, twins often pretend to be something, so you should be very careful when you approach a friendship with them.

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