These zodiac signs cannot handle change

What is the greatest adventure for some is absolute horror for others. For some zodiac signs, even the smallest changes are a drama .

These three signs of the zodiac find even a piece of furniture that has been repositioned life-changing.


The Taurus zodiac sign loves routines and well-timed plans. To-do lists and diaries with a schedule are his best friends. Because bulls are absolutely creatures of habit . Changes therefore throw them off track very quickly. Be it a postponed date , a canceled doctor’s appointment or your favorite café that closes: These changes are of enormous weight for the Taurus and sometimes cause a bad mood and restlessness. 


Virgos love structure, order and above all one thing: control . You always have to keep track of things and have the feeling that everything is going the way you want it to. So when things don’t go according to plan, it has a huge impact on their mood .

Because the desire for control is often associated with a certain degree of uncertainty about one’s own abilities. If something changes in the life of the virgins, they doubt their own abilities and previous decisions .


Libra need harmony, this applies to the zodiac in all aspects of life. Changes quickly disrupt this harmony and destroy the “ideal world” of Libra .

Be it the end of a friendship, the sister’s move or the replacement of the old living room couch. Anything that upsets the Libra’s routine also endangers its sense of harmony . The result can then be a feeling of discomfort and a bad mood. This makes external confirmation all the more important. Libra always needs the feeling that everyone else is doing well with the changes and that the changes are the right ones . Only then can they accept new things.

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