These Zodiac Signs Always Say The Wrong Thing

The Wrong Thing

These Zodiac Signs Always Say The Wrong Thing

Some people are just perfect at assessing any situation. They know what to say and how to behave. But for others, it is much more difficult. These zodiac signs always say the wrong thing!

Warning: blunder alarm!


Pisces is always everywhere mentally – just not focused. The creative and emotional Pisces constantly think about everything and nothing, get lost in confusing worlds of thoughts, and completely forget that they are actually in the middle of a conversation.

It’s a trait that often results in one thing: faux pas. Because of their lack of focus, the Pisces often lose the feeling for the sensitive topics of a group and then ask questions that are actually absolutely misplaced. This quickly comes across as tactless or intrusive.

But the fish don’t mean that in a bad way and as soon as they realize that they have said something wrong, they immediately recognize their mistake and apologize.


If you tell Gemini about a personal problem, they always want to solve it the same way: with their personal experiences. So they project their own problems, difficulties, and experiences onto the other person and then adopt tips from them.

Actually not a bad idea, if there weren’t a problem: With all the focus on themselves, the twins forget to respond to the others and therefore do not understand what the actual problem or the core of an argument is.

As a result, the zodiac sign always says the wrong thing and is really not the right person to talk to as a comforter.


Sagittarians are really curious creatures and would like to know everything right away. This can be a great advantage in professional life or during your studies since Sagittarius learn a lot very quickly thanks to their curiosity.

But in private life, this curiosity quickly becomes a hurdle. Because if the shooters want to know something, they don’t take losses and blunders into account. Why? After all, they are concerned with one specific goal: knowledge!

So Sagittarians are not afraid to ask very uncomfortable and intimate questions. But what is quite normal for the zodiac sign is rather strange, especially for new friends and acquaintances. Because you quickly get the feeling: the zodiac sign always says the wrong thing and asks extremely inappropriate questions. But this is all a matter of getting used to and after a while, it becomes clear: the shooters mean no harm!

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