The Aries Warning Label

The Aries Warning Label

You have to be careful… Because just as Aries has its good side, it also has its bad and dangerous side. Every sign has its face A and its face B and it is important that both the good and the bad are known. Nothing happens. To begin with, you have to accept that NO ONE is perfect, and much less, no one is an angel fallen from heaven. This is the Aries warning label, so you can be prepared…

Aries can be kind, friendly, liked by half the world, loquacious, cunning, cheerful, and optimistic, but they also have their warning label. Not everything could be so beautiful, right? Aries knows the weak side of the rest and when he feels cornered he does not hesitate to put his finger on the sore spot and twist it as many times as necessary.

He is not a bad person but when he is attacked or hurt, his way of defending himself is that. Doing more damage, even at the moment. He knows no other way. It is true that later he repents, in fact, 99% of the time he regrets the damage caused but at the moment rage and anger blind him. And he sees nothing but a goal to accomplish. Return the pain. Eye for an eye. Karma. Give others their own medicine.

Aries sooner or later will get over everything, he is not a spiteful person who keeps the mess that has been done to him. Not at all… his mind is racing so fast that he has a million more entertaining and important things to do. The problem will be you, perhaps she has left you touched and sunk for a long time. I’m sorry friend but… Not having started the game. That is the warning you must have with the ram.


The Aries Warning Label

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