These Zodiac Couples Are About To Be Separated

About To Be Separated

These Zodiac Couples Are About To Be Separated

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be and even the greatest love turns out to be a failure. This summer, quite a painful separation awaits some zodiac signs.

It could be particularly difficult with these couples.

Taurus and Pisces

After it took a long time for the Taurus and Pisces couple to finally find each other, the bitter realization is now coming. It just doesn’t fit. Because the Pisces is far too big free spirits; the bulls are much too strict and planned. No matter how passionate the two were at the beginning, the fundamental differences simply cannot be erased.

But there is also good news. Because both Pisces and Taurus recognize that it does not have to be a difficult separation, but that you can also go your separate ways peacefully. And who knows – maybe it will be enough for a friendship after all?

Virgo and Gemini

This couple’s separation probably comes as no surprise to anyone in their circle of friends. Because in the past few weeks and months, there has always been a fight between Virgo and Gemini. And not about big, fundamental things, but about the tiniest little things. The reason: the twins simply criticize too much and the vain Virgos just don’t want to put up with this criticism anymore.

So everything is discussed: who is the worse loser, who rolled their eyes first, and who has the worse friends? But eventually, these discussions escalate and they both realize that the relationship just doesn’t make sense anymore. But since both the Virgo and the Gemini are quite temperamental, the separation is of course correspondingly dramatic. Tip to all friends of the couple: take cover, because there will be some more public mud fights in the coming weeks and months.

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo really thought they had found love. The separation that is imminent is therefore all the worse. Because both were so sure that it would work. After all, they both had the same interests, the same goals, and a similar circle of friends.

But this is exactly where the problem lay: the two zodiac signs were just too similar. There was a lack of passion, surprise, and that certain something. But though it’s now painfully clear to both of them; they still don’t really want to see it. So a long back and forth follows, including the great pain of separation and numerous reconciliations, which ultimately only end in one way: in a separation.

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