Relationship: These Zodiac Signs Just Don’t Go Together

Don't Go Together

Relationship: These Zodiac Signs Just Don’t Go Together

A relationship is not always easy. But some people just don’t get along at all and fight over the smallest little things.

These zodiac pairs just don’t go together:

Aries and Taurus

Both Aries and Taurus are very stubborn people. This is exactly why they always offend in relationships. And when these zodiac signs fight, neither of them will admit to being wrong. Both demand an apology from the other, and neither of them will give it. That’s why Aries and Taurus just don’t mix.

Capricorn and Gemini

Geminis are freedom-loving and like to just live their day. They don’t want to make big plans and they don’t like to think about the future. Quite the opposite of Capricorn. Because he is a real professional at writing lists and making plans. If it were up to him, he would have planned every day down to the last detail. In a relationship, these opposite qualities always make for explosive and heated discussions.

Aquarius and Cancer

Cancer is a real family man. He would like to buy a house with a garden right away and have many children. Leading a normal life in peace and quiet is what Cancer really wants. Aquarius, on the other hand, quickly feels restricted in a relationship, needs a lot of freedom, and loves adventure. Classic family planning doesn’t go very well with it. That’s why these zodiac signs don’t go well together at all. Because as soon as the future becomes an issue, worlds collide here.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio are two very dominant personalities. They both always want to be in charge and like to manipulate people around them. As friends, the two are almost unbeatable together, but in a relationship an absolute disaster. Because two such dominant personalities often offend and, when they argue, it totally escalates.

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