These are the 6 most closed zodiac signs

There are two kinds of people: those who tell unsolicited everything that has ever happened in their life (and that also several times), and those who have to pull everything, really everything out of their nose. What is often misinterpreted as shyness, however, has nothing to do with how introverted or extroverted someone is, but rather with how closed the person is.

In astrology there are  some of the twelve zodiac signs that are the absolute opposite of an open book. You can find out which six signs of the zodiac are really secretive in the horoscope .

1. Zodiac sign: Taurus

You have difficulty trusting other people, so you keep a lot to yourself. You get annoyed when others try to get you to talk when you don’t feel like it. You already know what you are doing and you can handle your problems well on your own. If you want to get involved with someone, you do it yourself.

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2. Sign of the zodiac: Cancer

As a cancer , you like to disappear into your shell. You are a particularly emotional zodiac sign that is very connected to its feelings, but this also means that you are particularly vulnerable as a result. Therefore, to protect yourself from the brutal world outside, you keep pulling back and giving yourself time to heal. This will help you deal with everything else.

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3. Sign of the zodiac: Virgo

If there is one zodiac sign that is good to be alone, it is Virgo. If you are just for yourself and do your thing, you often seem happiest and most of all you are yourself. You value and need these moments: Take a deep breath in between, be with yourself and enjoy your me-time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy being with people, just that you enjoy being with yourself.

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4. Sign of the zodiac: Scorpio

Of course, the watermark is right at the forefront: You are naturally more mysterious and you don’t like to trumpet your experiences to the world. In addition, you protect yourself from painful experiences by closing yourself off from people – especially when you get to know them again. It is important to you that others respect your privacy and not prodigate if you do not want to talk about something.

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5th sign of the zodiac: Aquarius

You love to be with people and value social contacts very much, but at the same time you want to be independent. Because of this, you tend to solve problems yourself rather than communicating with others. This gives you a feeling of freedom and in moments like this you are more creative than ever. Friends and partners have to respect that.

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6. Sign of the zodiac: Pisces

You need rest to work, to heal, and to be satisfied. You also love drifting into strange worlds and completely disappearing into your imagination. Because you are afraid of being judged, you don’t like to share these worlds with other people. You give so much of yourself for those around you, that’s why it’s important to you to keep a little something for yourself.


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