These 4 Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are About To Have A Hard Breakup

These 4 Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are About To Have A Hard Breakup

Maybe you had imagined your relationship differently? There could be a breakup soon. I’ll tell you which pairs of zodiac signs could be affected.

Scorpio and Aries

This combination is definitely not a good love combination, and the two partners are usually aware of it, too. The catch is that they can have a great time together, which keeps making them feel like it could still work after all. That way, they could hold onto each other over and over again.

This couple usually has an on-off relationship. Sometimes they’re together and sometimes they break up, but most of the time they’re fighting over who is right. Their fights are quite vigorous and when they have problems they will not wait to go home to resolve them but will fight in front of their friends, thus putting them in an awkward situation.

It’s true that their love is pretty strong in the beginning, but they can also burn out pretty quickly. They love with all their might, but when they see their partner taking advantage of them, they will turn their life into a living hell. With the right partner, their dream can come true, but this combination definitely won’t work in the long run. That’s why this couple will split up very soon.

Capricorn and Gemini

Gemini is a double sign. You never know if what you are feeling is real or not. Only when you know them very well can you see whether they really love you or whether they still can’t make up their minds.

In combination with the Capricorn, Gemini always tries to realize their own desires without worrying about their partner, which ultimately leads to the couple hitting their relationship against the wall. They just both think they deserve someone better, so they take the whole relationship for granted and can’t really value it.

The good thing is that this zodiac couple could throw great parties together and do things they are not ashamed of. They are a funny and open couple, who on the outside look like the two are always having a lot of fun. That is actually the strongest bond between them, and when that disappears there is nothing else to hold on to. Unfortunately, a relationship isn’t all about fun. This is why the average time in their relationship is a week or two. Anything beyond that will not end well.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgos are known for their sensitivity. She is always looking for a partner who loves her more than anything and is also perfect all around. But she will never find this partner because he doesn’t exist. Virgo is just too demanding and should cut her back a little if she ever wants to be happy in a relationship. Aside from her unrealistic ideas, she should actually avoid one personality in particular – and that is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is particularly stubborn and only cares about himself and his desires. When the Virgo teams up with a Sagittarius, he has to be special to her in order for her to go the extra mile for him. This couple has great friends, but in love, they always quarrel and cause stress to one another. They can look forward to a harmonious start, but after that, they will take themselves for granted and misbehave. Both of them are pretty stubborn when it comes to love and if they make a mistake they will never admit that they are guilty.

Their arguments are always pretty tough and in some cases, their friends need to intervene to keep them from messing each other off. The good thing is that after the breakup, they won’t contact each other and leave everything in the past.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces, living in their own imagination, do not go well with the Capricorn at all. They’re just not on the same wavelength, and no matter how hard they try to get things to work, they can’t. Sooner or later they will disagree with each other, which will bring a lot of conflicts, and they will not talk to each other for months.

The catch is they don’t know where they are going with their relationship as none of them go out of their way to improve things. They just go with the flow and believe that their relationship will work even if they don’t work on it a lot. The ibex simply buries itself in its work and the fish continues to linger in its fantasy world. But that’s the problem. One of them always thinks the other is going to sort things out and vice versa, but in the end, they hit a wall and there is no place left to go. Then all cards are played and the only option left is to part.


These 4 Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are About To Have A Hard Breakup

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