The Foolishness You Do Without Realizing When You Like Someone According To Your Sign

The Foolishness You Do Without Realizing When You Like Someone According To Your Sign

Life can be very quiet, until … someone begins to flood your thoughts. Because illusions are unforgiving and when you least think you are already imagining moments by their side. It’s hard because you don’t really know if the other person is also attracted. That’s when your clumsy side comes through because your emotions are not coordinated. Your caveman instinct is activated, you do not understand reasons, all you want is to be as close as possible to him or her. So, the errors appear. This is the silly thing you do without realizing when you like someone according to your sign: 


Aries, what happens with you is that you fight with your pride. You know that you melt for that person, but you don’t want to accept it, because falling in love makes you very vulnerable. Suddenly, your emotions run amok when he appears in front of you, you may not say anything. However, your look, the way you blush, the desire to steal your attention, end up giving you away. The problem is that you try so hard to disguise it that you end up being twice as obvious, and the person may not take it seriously. The best thing is that you do not hide what you feel, it is better to be told no in time than to get excited about someone who has no intention of being with you. Relax, you don’t have to be perfect either, or pretend you know everything. It is your gallantry that falls in love, do not hesitate.


Honestly, you are not very good at taking the reins in the game, Taurus. This is very dangerous because you end up falling in love in a deep blind way. That is, you take a lot of time to analyze the person, as you get to know them, their tastes, their way of seeing life, their motivation surrounding you. So, you stay there, like the eternal lover who says nothing, so much so that other loves can arrive at his door and you shut up. That is your biggest mistake, because the other person may have been attracted to you at first, but you are so indifferent that they do not see the case of spending time with you. That does not mean that you have to go first and promise him the sky and the stars, however … telling him that you like him does not hurt anyone, on the contrary, it uncovers many truths.


How interesting is it to send mixed signals? I would say that you should leave that tactic in the past Gemini because all it does is keep you away from the people you do want in your life. There is a part of you that is terrified of being hurt, that needs to put a thousand obstacles so that they can touch your heart. It is difficult for you to recognize when someone moves the floor, so much so that you are able to fight against your own feelings. The other person has no idea that you have spent sleepless nights because when they look at you you are very indifferent you can even pretend that you are with someone else. Please don’t let your insecurities take away with something that can be very cute. Not all people have the patience to play that game, there are those who need clarity or leave.


Give, give and give… Cancer is not always good. The problem is that you are so sweet, there is so much goodness in your being, that when you like someone you want to do whatever it takes to see him or her smile. Okay, it’s your personality, but remember that not all people are emotionally ready to receive so much. There are those who flee from that because they do not know how to deal with such a genuine feeling. That person may feel that yours goes more for a friendship than for a relationship. Because come on, look at the others you are also very dedicated. Be nice, but don’t overdo it, like everyone else, the others also like to fight a bit. Not bad, it is part of the conquest, the mystery of what is going to happen. Better play with leaving subliminal messages that spark his imagination.


Oh, my dear Leo, what are we going to do with you and your eternal mania of rushing? Sometimes your whimsical inner child is the one who decides everything and ends up putting you in places you didn’t really want. Let’s say that when someone likes you, you not only imagine yourself by their side, you also see the clock, as if it were telling you that the train is leaving. Just because you are an attractive person does not mean that everyone has to fall at your feet the first time. Give the feeling time to harvest, it is not good to give hints to someone you like, and then start flirting with someone else, just because they don’t respond to you the way you want them to. In love you have to be patient, it is the only way in which good results appear. Stay with that person who has something that you love and that you don’t see in anyone else.


Yes, I understand, it is not easy to be away from the person you like. However, Virgo, you have to lower your intensity two lines, because the other person will want to run away. Sometimes, you are very demanding, it is good that you are not conformist, but do not overdo it, if you barely know the person, you will end up scaring them. Your biggest mistake is your need to show that you don’t need anyone else, that you are doing great with being single, which is not a lie, but… you may be giving the wrong message. In which you strive to show that you are not interested in a relationship in the least, being that all you want is a long-term bond, someone who is capable of accepting you as you are. Do not be afraid to be you, because it is the only way you can find the right person.


Have you heard that loving someone who doesn’t love you is like waiting for the train at the airport? Well, something like that happens to Libra when someone takes the place of the person they like. The downside is that it is a sign that has optimism in the pores. In some way, he always seeks to see the good side of everything, however … what he expects from the other is too much. Libra, imagines the perfect life, expects everything to happen just as he sees it in his mind. He may not seem the most in love person, but he does seem like the one with the most hope, and sadly when he comes across reality he drowns in a glass of water because nothing turns out as planned. That’s when he gets disappointed when he begins to see the true side of the coin and realizes that he adorns someone who is not worth a bit too much.


My sweet and only Scorpio. The problem with you is that when you like someone, it is impossible not to invite your pride to the event, which is not exactly the best thing to do because it can make you believe things that are not true at all. Let’s say that there is a part of you that is very stupid, that wants to be right at whatever cost. That’s dangerous because you can make that special someone feel offended, pressured, and undervalued. This is not a trophy, you don’t have to earn their attention in exchange for your happiness. Be clear that the same can ignore you and it is their right. Do not cling to people who are not written in your story, because not only will you make them feel bad, it will also be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting for you. Crazy things in those cases are not valid.


One layer after another. Sagittarius, you are so worried about someone breaking you, that you end up breaking yourself. It is not fair to you, or to the other person that you show yourself as someone you are not. You deserve to be truly loved, to fall in love with your crazy way of thinking, to really get to the bottom of your heart. I know it is not easy, that feeling vulnerable is one of the worst things that can happen to you, but fear not, that is what love is all about. Although, that does not mean that you go to the other extreme and see the person as if they were a confessional. Go calmly, little by little tell him about your fears, what fills you with tears, what you dream about, and those ghosts that do not let you advance. But don’t get hooked on what already was, try to create moments today. Leave beautiful footprints, as only you know how to do.


Let’s see Capricorn, it is good that you give yourself your package, that you do not put yourself at the feet of everyone who knocks on your door. But, don’t even raise a thousand-meter barrier for someone to reach your heart. The other also like to be conquered and nothing happens if you are the one who takes the first step. It’s better than waiting with that feeling of what would have happened if you told him. Oftentimes, you spend more time observing the person’s actions than getting closer to them. That will only make you do a lot of castles in the air, without having something certain. Go ahead, life is one, tell him what it causes you without falling into the intense and you will realize if it is worth continuing to dedicate so many thoughts a day. It’s better than living off an illusion and ending up with tremendous disappointment.


If there is someone in this world who is capable of illusions in the blink of an eye, without a doubt, it is Aquarius. But … be very careful, because, in the same way, that he surrenders himself to the first, even without knowing the person, he also says goodbye. Let’s say there are times when infatuation permeates your pores and you just get carried away. The bad thing is that it is something that only exists in his imagination because he idealizes and that is the reason why when he begins to see reality, he simply leaves… In a way, they are your fears, you do not want to be hurt and that is why you prefer to remove the blindfold before time. Sometimes that tactic can help you alienate people who don’t mean well, but there are also others who do want something nice. Aquarius, try to breathe deeply and not judge ahead of time, you may be in for a big surprise.


It’s funny because almost everything Pisces knows he learned by losing. Hence, there is a part of him that is always on the defensive. So, he focuses on his world, in which there is too much sensitivity and he can fall into the provocation of his thoughts. Pisces, you want to relax and let go, but your anxiety causes you to end up running away from the person you like, because what if she doesn’t feel the same? It seems absurd, but at the moment his mind does not understand the reasons. Don’t let him show you the face of someone you don’t know yet, because he wants you to lose hope before taking the first step. You are here Pisces, let someone real enter your heart, do not bring drama to that ahead of time.


The Foolishness You Do Without Realizing When You Like Someone According To Your Sign

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