These 3 zodiac signs regret their decisions

Had, would, if … Three zodiac signs find it difficult to stand behind their decisions. You can find out what these are here

Every now and then, three zodiac signs regret the choices they make

While zodiac signs like Aries or Sagittarius rarely regret decisions , there are other signs in the zodiac who, for example, do not think about possible consequences or make decisions based on their gut feeling without thinking about them carefully. If you regret your decisions particularly often according to the horoscope, read here:


Virgo-borns tend to be rational and brood a lot. As soon as you make a decision about your career or love, for example, your thoughts only revolve around the chances and opportunities that you are missing out on. Especially when it comes to social life, Virgo-borns also have strong “FOMO” (“fear of missing out”), so they are afraid that they might miss something and would prefer to dance at three weddings at the same time.


Libra-borns weigh their decisions well, and yet there are times when they regret a decision. Especially when other people are disadvantaged by this decision. Libra want to please everyone and if they gain an advantage through a decision they are very uncomfortable.


Pisces-born are considered to be very emotional beings. Accordingly, they let their feelings guide most of their decisions. The problem: They trust their gut instinct rather than carefully weighing all possible consequences. Especially when it comes to very personal things (e.g. breaking up or ending a friendship) Pisces tend to act impulsively and regret their decision a little later.

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