These 7 zodiac signs are real heartbreakers

We all know these people who act like pure fire when it comes to love and flirting: They are attractive and fascinating, we want to get closer to them and get to know them – but at the same time we feel deep inside that we will burn ourselves on them. They are real heartbreakers, and whether on purpose or not, their counterpart will often be left with a broken heart after the encounter. Let’s take a look at the stars: What does the astrological constellation have to do with the tendency to break one’s heart? As you can see, a lot! We’ll tell you which seven zodiac signs in love are to be enjoyed with caution.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs will break your heart

So now you have to be careful: You are just getting to know someone and are not sure whether you want to trust them with your heart? Then ask him or her on the next date inconspicuously about the zodiac sign – and read here whether he is one of the heartbreakers:

1. Scorpio

As passionate as Scorpios are, they can also be deceptive. They tend to go new ways without warning and unfortunately sometimes forget to be considerate of other people’s feelings. This can lead to a Scorpio breaking off contact without explanation or even ending a relationship and then being over the mountains with his feelings and plans.

2. Leo

Charming, energetic and confident: it is very easy to fall in love with a Leo! With him you feel important and adventurous. But his self-confidence is also often the cause of heartbreak: Leo is closest to himself and will always put his needs before yours. This quickly makes him seem heartless and selfish – which can be very hurtful, especially in love.

3. Sagittarius

Hardly any other zodiac sign loves freedom as much as Sagittarius. He is constantly looking for new adventures, new experiences and new action – when you are by his side it is exciting and exciting, but at this pace it is often difficult to keep up. If you then try to introduce rules or even limits in the relationship, Sagittarius runs away and accepts your broken heart in search of new adventures.

4. Aries

Typical of fire signs, the Aries is very brave and stubborn. Trying to tell an Aries what to do is doomed to failure. Aries impress you with their strength and magnetic attraction, but because they are very focused on themselves, they often don’t have time to focus on your feelings.

5. Virgo

Don’t be fooled by a virgin! Outwardly, this zodiac sign looks very logical, thoughtful and responsible. Inside, however, the Virgo is busy constantly reinventing herself and solving the great questions of the world. As a result, the partner never knows what the Virgo is thinking and a distance can develop between you. If this distance becomes too great, the Virgo will also find it difficult to express her feelings – and the separation follows without explanation.

6. Capricorn

Capricorns are old souls. You have a depth in which you can lose yourself. But instead of feeling secure there, the self-confidence and forward-looking mindset of a Capricorn can often feel cold and dismissive to the partner. Capricorns are sure of their success, have a precise plan and will not be told otherwise by anyone – even if they are very fond of the person.

7. Scale

Libra values ​​relationships above all else. They love harmony and deep connections and look for the perfect partner and the perfect relationship – but with these demands they tend to expect the impossible and not be satisfied. In addition, Libra also has a tendency not to be able to refuse their devotion to anyone – not even if they are actually only promised to one partner.

Heartbreaker remains heartbreaker?

Of course, the stars are not everything – the zodiac signs mentioned here have it all to lead a stable and loving relationship without heartache. But it sure helps to know their tendencies and fears so that the right person can take them away in a partnership. Through true love, even the greatest heartbreaker becomes a loyal soul ❤️

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