These 3 Zodiac Signs Love Several People At The Same Time

Love Several People

These 3 Zodiac Signs Love Several People At The Same Time

Have you ever heard of polyamory? It is a Latin-Greek word made up of the phrase “polys” (several) and “armor” (love). In contrast to monogamy, polyamory describes a love relationship with several partners at the same time. In contrast to cheating, everyone involved knows where they stand. Three zodiac signs are very prone to polyamorous relationships because of their personalities.


Sagittarius has a hard time in a monogamous relationship. He never wants to commit himself for fear of losing his freedom and variety. That’s why he’s drawn to a polyamorous relationship because it allows him to escape the boredom of just one partner and throw himself into any adventure.


Gemini already finds it difficult to decide which outfit to wear or which dish to choose in the restaurant. He struggled with commitment from birth. This is why many twins are convinced of the concept of polyamory. They can exercise their freedoms without feeling guilty about anyone else.


Aries is the most passionate zodiac sign of all. He has so much to give that a person can quickly become overwhelmed by his feelings. He’s also easily bored with people or things. The feeling of being tied to just one person for life quickly triggers panic in him. Therefore, he often feels more comfortable in polyamorous relationships.

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