These 3 zodiac signs get really nasty and mean after a breakup.

These 3 zodiac signs get really nasty and mean after a breakup.

A breakup can hit you so hard that you can do things that you normally would never do. Everyone reacts differently, of course, but some people get really nasty after a breakup. The horoscope can give us its answer to which zodiac signs are particularly prone to react in this way.

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Some breakups are harder to process than others for some reason. And even then, if we are the ones who want to break up, it can still hit us hard. Some people cry for months and some barely shed a tear. They say time heals all wounds, but there is no schedule for how long your heart will ache. A breakup is always painful. 

There are some pretty incredible things you can do when you’ve been hit by a breakup, things that make you wonder how you did them when you look back on them. Sometimes when we act strangely after a relationship has ended, we not only feel far removed from our normal selves, we also feel like a completely different person.

When the great disappointment turns into anger at some point, some people even begin to forge vicious plans for revenge. They want their ex to be as badly off as they are. So they show a really bad side of themselves that you might not have suspected. 

Here are the 3 zodiac signs that can get really nasty after a breakup:

1. Taurus

Taurus takes a while to get involved with someone. When they do, they are so sure that it would last forever that a breakup usually comes as a surprise to them. It is very difficult for a Taurus to accept the breakup, because he had already imagined his future with this partner.

It’s good that you want to be creative about expressing your feelings, and if you’re inspired to write something, that’s good for you. However, some of your break-up letters should never be seen by anyone else. When you’re in a heartbreak, you don’t have the distance you need to look at your words, dear Taurus. Write it down, save it on your computer, or print it out and put it in a drawer. Give it a little time. If you really believe that there is something in what you wrote that you really want to convey to your ex, then take a look when the heartache is gone and you can see clearly. Taurus also tend to stalk their ex or search for him on Facebook and Instagram after the breakup.

2. Virgo

Dear Virgo, you are actually a very loving being, but after a breakup, you show yourself from a completely different side. This side can even scare people. Nobody would have expected that from you. The problem with this is, you just can’t forgive your ex for writing you off. And you think that you are now in the right and can use any means to get back at him.

You pretend you don’t care, but the disrespectful nicknames you give your ex when you talk about him to your friends are mean and show that you are not grown up with things. Calling him that and revealing his deepest secrets is bad enough, but getting your friends and family to call him is just bad. Don’t waste all this creativity on games and revenge moves like this, but put your energy into something that will help you feel better. Write a novel about your relationship, but be sure to change names.

3. Scorpio

No, you don’t just wash the sheets. You remove it, throw it in the trash, and buy a new one. Anything your ex likes to use will be removed from your home. And you hope to remove it from your heart and mind as well. You do a ritual of trying to get rid of any trace of him like your house is a crime scene. But none of that is the problem.

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When a Scorpio is abandoned, then their pain quickly turns into irrepressible anger. He develops plans for revenge and only sees all the negative things that the ex-partner has done. All a Scorpio wants after a breakup is revenge. He’s just waiting for the right time – and until then the negative feelings will continue to build up. Scorpios are not good at forgiving. That is why they are usually bitter for life when someone rejects them. It may even be that they are still thinking about the revenge moves on the ex-partner, even though they have long had a new relationship. Often times, Scorpios also start spreading rumors about their ex. You think you’re doing some kind of damage settlement, but the truth is, you just look like an idiot, dear Scorpio. Just let go


These 3 zodiac signs get really nasty and mean after a breakup.

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