Ranking Of The Most Party Signs

When the party is set up, there are signs that prefer to see it from a distance and others that sign up even if they don’t even ask. Some are the ones who organize them, others are the ones who run away … Actually, although to a greater or lesser extent we all like to socialize, exchange experiences and make new friends, there are some who find the option of the party the ideal place to do what. Let’s see the ranking of the most partying signs :


Obviously Aries had to be in position number 1. Wherever there is a party, there you go. In fact, it was probably you who put together the plan. You don’t need a reason or motive to celebrate life, life itself is a celebration. And you live every minute to the fullest. The fact that you want to have fun and be with many people is enough to go where you need to.

2. LEO

Your Leo, you sign up for absolutely everything. It is very rare to see you say “no” to some plan. But also, whatever it is: a party, a hangout with friends, having a good time… Also, you have a natural gift to convince anyone to join you, to follow you… You are a natural Leo leader. Plus, you always add an extra touch to any party. Actually, anywhere you go …


It is not uncommon for all three fire signs to be in the top three positions. Fire is life, movement, good vibes and always or almost always is carried away by the exciting. And yes, a party often has all of that. If you are Sagi, you are in favor of anything that lifts people’s spirits and allows them to relax a bit. Work and responsibility is fine too, but what you need is to feel that you live life.


In the ranking of the most partying signs, you occupy number 4. Yes, Gemini, you are a person who always sees something good even in the worst. No matter how sunken you may be if someone pronounces the word “party” to you, look, you make a power, you fix yourself and forwards. In fact, in the middle of a pandemic, what is costing you the most is not being able to interact with new people. You are sociable and you really enjoy meeting others, talking, making new friends… That is why the party is ideal. Therefore, you occupy number 4.


You are not going to refuse any party invitation. You have it clear. It would have to be very bad or very ill / or you would have to be. And, even if you have your shy side at times, you love to meet and meet new people. You have some preferences and you may like parties a little more formal, like Christmas meetings, or perhaps birthdays of close people, a gala, something with a certain glamor …


Just because you are a reserved person does not mean that you are a homebody. Not at all. You may love to stay home one day but it’s true that when you’ve worked hard, you also want to enjoy yourself hard. So clear. You let go with your environment, you have a good time, you lose your temper and then you return to your responsibilities. While you are partying you will have a great time, super good, you will give it your all … Of course, the same thing the next day you can’t put up with anyone or anything.


Okay, many times you become an antisocial that scares but deep down, you like the Aquarius rumba and even if you are not the typical one who runs to the last party, you do approach one and enjoy it from time to time. You like to be seen that you are special, talk to others about a lot of random interesting things, and hang out with some “weirdos” like you.


It is clear that you like to be with other Cancer people but honestly, the party is not your favorite option to do it. You are more from home, and honestly, you do not mind organizing whatever is there. You prefer to invite them and have a good time in your home because in the end, that’s where you feel most secure and comfortable. Plus, you have the power to send everyone home when you feel like it and go to your bed next to you.


You like to be at home, yours or that of others but you prefer to socialize with a small environment of people you trust or at most, people who bring those people you already know. That being said, you are clearly not opposed to any party that is thrown occasionally. You are not dying to be with people jumping, dancing or having a good time but it is true that if you discover that someone you are very interested in is going, you will be there.


You are one of those who join any party but it is also true that when the time comes, you prefer to stay at home. Come on, your friends have not thrown you this times in your face. You are the typical person who says yes to everything, but at the moment of truth there is always an excuse. It is true that some clubs can overwhelm you and make you nervous. Also, something very typical for you is going to a party to get some benefit, especially work. Come on Pisces, you see it as a way to make good contacts too.


You are one of those who can end up at the occasional party from time to time. Or rather, you have seasons when you don’t stop, and others when you don’t go out. But so, in general terms, there are more that you stay at home quietly. In reality, although you are sociable (well, only some Scorpios ) you prefer to stay more with your core of friends and connect with each one one by one. It is true that if you go out to party you are the typical person who withdraws a little from everything and laughs at everyone: their drunkenness, their frustrated attempts at dating, their ridiculous …


What is there to party? Well, it goes away, but if the plan is to go out or stay at home, you have it clear. You like to do things calmly, pamper yourself, take a good bath, prepare (or order) a good dinner, have an interesting talk with your friends … What has been enjoying all your surroundings. If you are invited to a party, great, but there is doubt that you will show up. You don’t really feel the need to impress anyone and you are very clear about how you want to spend your time.


Ranking Of The Most Party Signs

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