These 3 zodiac signs are difficult to see through

Some people find it difficult to open up or more withdrawn than others. This is partly due to the character traits of their zodiac sign. Often these people appear very different from what they really are.

These three signs of the zodiac are particularly difficult to see through.


Geminis are very sociable and love to interact with other people. However, they usually leave themselves out of the way, because they hate to reveal themselves and their insides in front of others. That, they occupied the most, they often hold back . In order for them to really open up, they have to build a very strong connection and relationship with the other person, and that takes a while. Gemini is the best example of how a sociable and extroverted person doesn’t necessarily reveal everything about himself or herself immediately.


Aquarius always wears a poker face because it gives them security. Because he doesn’t want to be weak at all. How he is doing deep inside, he usually does not let it penetrate to the outside. That’s why it usually looks like he’s just incredibly balanced and super relaxed . However, this is not the case, because most of the time the Aquarius tries to identify his problems with himself and often gets into dead ends because he lacks the external perspective.


Scorpios are practically illegible. When they set out to do something, there are few people they tell about it. As a rule, however, they keep everything to themselves. Feelings and emotions are locked behind a wall with the intention of no longer having access to them. For a Scorpio to really open up, it takes years and an intimate friendship or partnership. Only after a long-term relationship is this zodiac sign able to really entrust its inner life to other people.

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