These zodiac signs are absolutely unromantic

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. Some zodiac signs just don’t know how to express love in words and gestures. One cannot expect great proofs of love from them.

These zodiac signs are absolutely unromantic:


The Scorpio likes to be mysterious and aloof. One of the reasons for this is that he is reluctant to reveal his true feelings. Even for people you love more than anything, it usually remains a mystery. Romantic gestures are uncomfortable for him. He himself shows his love more in everyday life.


Aquarius doesn’t need cheesy gestures or romantic words to show their love. For him, expensive jewelry, elaborate dates and long tokens of love are absolute horror. He prefers to show his partner how important he is to him by working on the mutual relationship and enjoying every day.


Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure. But he has no time for romantic dates and expressions of love. Anyone with this zodiac sign can look forward to fun and games in nature. But there won’t be any candlelight dinners.


Cancer would do anything for his partner, but creative and romantic dates are not for the zodiac sign. He loves just being at home and having a nice chat with his or her loved one.

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