These 3 Zodiac Men Make You Unhappy

Men Make You Unhappy

These 3 Zodiac Men Make You Unhappy

There are just certain guys who aren’t cut out for relationships. Instead of butterflies in your stomach and cloud 9, there’s only lovesickness. Unfortunately, you can’t usually know that in advance. Except you’re going to take a look at his date of birth. The zodiac sign can tell you a lot about its personality. 

These three zodiac men often cause lovesickness


Leo men like to be the center of attention and need quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, you’re rarely number one with them. That’s why relationships with lions so often break up. Lovesickness is inevitable. He puts himself first, but at the same time, he needs a lot of validation from other women. If you can’t tame him, better keep your hands off him.


The Libra man also often causes lovesickness. He always finds fault with his partner. In relationships, one should compromise and consider each other’s needs. But that is not necessarily easy with a Libra, because you can do almost nothing right with this zodiac sign. The constant criticism often leads to the end of a relationship and usually leaves a pretty hurt partner behind.


Pisces men rarely talk about their feelings and hardly ever reveal their innermost being. This makes a relationship with this zodiac sign particularly difficult. Building something serious takes quite a bit of time – often too much time. While the partner in a relationship with this zodiac sign gives himself totally emotionally and hopes to be able to win over the Pisces, he remains rather passive and only takes small steps. This can even go so far that he completely forgets that he is in a committed relationship and cheats on his partner. Lovesickness is therefore inevitable.

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