Being Aries is not easy. Being an Aries carries many responsibilities that not everyone is willing to assume. First, it means having to manage a lot of energy and heat. Aries is a sign that loves challenges and take risks and that, after all, can bring very, very dangerous things. This is the worst of being Aries.


One of the worst things about being Aries is that strong temper that the ram usually has. It is very easy to piss him off, too easy. It is of those people who get angry even for things that are hardly important. It must be recognized, Aries is a bit dramatic and can even invent the reasons for starting an argument.

Another of the worst things about being Aries is his impatience. He likes everything to go fast, to flow, not to stop. He is one of those people who says he has no time to wait for anyone and that he did not come into the world to waste his time on nonsense.

Sometimes, being impatient makes you get things done quickly, but other times, however, being the only thing you get is to lose your temper, despair and go into a state of anger. You may think that being impatient is not bad, but deep down it is. The majority of problems and dramas in which it ends is because of this. Because he is not able to go to the rhythm at which people go or people go to the rhythm at which Aries goes.


But without a doubt, the worst thing about being Aries is that controlling side, so ‘self-centered’ that it sometimes brings to light. It is not selfish at all, but there are times when you believe a little of the navel of the world. If you are Aries, this means being first in everything, being the one who always be right, the one who sends where he goes. He does not like to feel controlled or commanded by anyone and for that reason, he will do anything to be who is in control.

Belonging to the sign Aries requires a lot of responsibilities. And perhaps, the worst thing of being, is having to endure as people do not follow you and how you do everything possible to go against you. Being Aries was never easy …

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