The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac

The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac

Sometimes they become the worst couples in the Zodiac … Only sometimes. Just as with some signs we get along better because of chemistry so good that it comes out of mixing some characteristics with others, with others chemistry does not work because of some point of friction between two facets of our way of being. When both are well, everything works wonderfully but there is also risk, and a lot, when things get worse. Here are some examples, but beware, nothing is written and we are much more than a sign of the Zodiac. And if something is wanted, everything can be had. But it is good to know what we must take into account to achieve it.

Aries with Cancer

Because Aries is tough and unforgiving and Cancer is very sensitive. Aries goes straight to the point, fast and without thinking about it, and if he gets tired, he passes. And don’t think about it anymore. And Cancer does not go straight, but can take two steps forward and one back, but it is tenacious and resistant and always reaches the end. And if something goes wrong, it affects you quite a bit.

Taurus with Leo

Because Taurus is someone simple, who likes to be alone and calm. And Leo is the opposite, he likes to attract attention, social life, fuss and show off. Leo lives for relationships of all kinds and to show them off. Taurus wants fewer relationships, live them in privacy and protect them at the cost of anything.

Gemini with Virgo

Because Geminis need emotions continuously, they look for them and life with boredom does not like anything. And what Virgo wants and needs is security and calculating every step he takes. And if you don’t like something, you will comment on the bugs and want to change it. And Gemini is quite tired of being criticized and wanting to change.

Cancer with Libra

Because Cancer is pure emotion and you need to protect yourself from what you feel, and when it comes to feelings, you focus very well. And what Libra wants is to protect the general harmony, let the good vibes flow. Because Cancer is more shy and it costs a little more to make a social life that is new and Libra lives to relate and does not have problems with anyone, neither from entry nor exit. And in addition, it is more widespread than Cancer in relation to relationships.

Leo with Scorpio

Because Leo is all brightness, light, optimism … and he wants fun and that everything flows without becoming dense, and if something has no explanation, he will end up understanding it. And he wants a lot of relationships and squeeze them to the fullest. And Scorpio is darker, more mysterious. And they want quality in their relationships, the best, the most intense. Scorpio thinks and feels inward and Leo outward. And in that entering and leaving, they collide.

Virgo with Sagittarius

Because Virgo is cautious and analyzes everything and Sagittarius is less cautious, always optimistic and wants to live life without worries. Sagittarius is sociable and wants freedom and do whatever he wants, and for Virgo that is more than objectionable. Sagittarius believes that Virgo is boring for being so organized and questioning so many things about everything. And Virgo believes that Sagittarius does not stop moving because he does not want to face the bad things in his life.

Libra with Capricorn

Because Libra, as long as there is peace and harmony, seeks to equalize everything, balance differences, give in, seek everyone to agree. And Capricorn knows who he is and what he wants and he goes for it, and the rest does not matter to him. And think that Libra should do the same, instead of walking with so many protocols and so many smiles. Life is hard, thinks Capricorn; life shouldn’t be hard, Libra thinks.

Scorpio with Aquarius

Because Scorpio seeks power for himself and Aquarius neither has the same concept of power nor does he want it for himself. He wants everyone to have their own power, and in any case, Aquarius could teach others how to achieve it. Scorpio does not want to show the weapons that he has hidden to anyone, and Aquarius seems to him a fragile person but who always tries to prove the opposite. Scorpios have too much homework on themselves to live for the rest of the world. Aquarius lives for the rest of the world. What Scorpios give to others is emotion, not that they think so much and reason; but Aquarius nevertheless wants you to open your mind.

Sagittarius with Pisces

Because Sagittarius seeks its own expansion and Pisces always tends to sacrifice for others. Because Sagittarius really wants to travel and Pisces prefers to do it with imagination. Because they have different ways of looking at life and above all, of approaching relationships. Sagittarius wants to love but wants freedom and not compromise. Pisces needs to be loved and wants to commit to the depths of their heart.

Capricorn with Aries

Because Aries is a child and Capricorn a very mature person and too responsible and strict for the “games” of Aries. For one day it is worth, but to undertake serious things, Capricorn can not waste time with child games. Because Aries sees Capricorn slow, not very spontaneous, too serious and as if he were a premature old man. They are two extremes that have nothing to do with it but who knows. Extremes like this sometimes find in each other all that they lack.

Aquarius with Taurus

Because Taurus loves traditions and does not like changes and Aquarius lives for changes, he likes everything that is new and original and hates routines and conventions. Because Taurus wants to be in love, as a couple, to be faithful, to commit … and Aquarius wants to be alone and if he falls in love, he wants to continue maintaining his individual essence. Besides, Taurus will always want to work on the same thing, be constant to the maximum and Aquarius, however, loves novelty, creativity and change as many times as necessary.

Pisces with Gemini

Because Gemini always thinks objectively and concretely, and Pisces, in addition to being much more sentimental, works by thinking in an abstract, subjective and very dreamy way. Because Pisces lives for others, and Geminis love others because they are part of their social life but deep down they go on their own in life. And what Pisces feels is that he has to go free when deep down it is not what he wants.


The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac

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