How Each Sign Works When A Bad Love Is Unfaithful

How Each Sign Works When A Bad Love Is Unfaithful

How does each sign act when a bad love betrays it? They say that whoever truly loves is not unfaithful, he is weak, he is the one who can tear you to pieces in the blink of an eye but it is also true that sometimes infidelity also makes you stronger. And just at that moment when you feel so badly treated, when you immerse yourself in the void, you realize all the strength that is inside you and you wipe your tears from the root, with the intention of not returning to the arms of the one who hurt you so much.

1.- Aries

Aries can love you with all his being, he may have given you the best of his existence, but if you betray him it is time to put an end to it. Yes, it will hurt, it will cost you sleepless nights, maybe a couple of days with tears, but then you will look up like never before. That’s when he decides to protect his heart in a unique way, when he embraces each of its cracks and understands why everything happened. Aries is not going to beg you, even if they feel like they can’t take it anymore, they prefer to put their dignity first. Nor is he going to throw his life away, he has felt before that he is about to breathe his last, but he showed that he could do more, he always can.

2.- Taurus

Taurus does not have time to deal with your absurd arguments, if at the time you ended up in other arms, you did not have the courage to face the situation, why now? Do not try to underestimate his intelligence, it may be sweet, that at one point he showed you that there is no one more important to him than you, but that does not mean that it is a reason for him to cling to we. Taurus is just waiting for you to tell him the truth, because regularly he always finds out sooner. Do not try to disguise the information because you will lose out. Do you want me to forgive you? May I forgive your karma, Taurus wipes you off the map and that’s it.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is the one who becomes more meticulous after an infidelity and it is that in general it is not a sign that he goes around giving his heart to anyone. On the contrary, he prefers to live in the moment, let himself go and leave the commitment for another occasion. However, when he truly surrenders and they end up being unfaithful, it is time to eliminate that person from your life . For Gemini you crossed the line, you showed him that you were not prepared for something so genuine and he does not think wasting time on someone who is not worth it. Call him spiteful, but that won’t make him give you another chance. On the contrary, it will be much more complicated for whoever comes into your life later.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the one who can lower his gaze and feel that his soul is being shattered by an infidelity. It is difficult for him to understand at first that someone to whom he gave everything ended up doing so much damage. He is the one who remembers all those times when he shared his deepest dreams, his fears and even so after telling him about how badly your heart had been treated, he dared to tear him to pieces. Yes, you can be the sweetest, the most passionate, the one who often does not follow logic and only does what his emotions dictate, but … once they hurt you it is a goodbye forever. Few know your spiteful side, you do not forget no matter how hard they try and that hurts more.

5.- Leo

I read when someone is unfaithful to you it hurts to the core. That’s when your pride is smashed, when you wonder why you gave it your all for someone who wasn’t worth it. It is possible that you spend some very dark days, in which you reproach yourself, because nobody beats you to blame you. However, the point will come where you realize that it is not your fault, that there are loves that are not prepared for such a deep love. There are those who claim to be committed, but in reality they do not know a bit of what the term is. It is not your fault that they do not know how to love beautiful and once you understand it, you say goodbye forever, you are not here to give another chance.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is the one who enters a dead end, it is his thoughts that lie to him, that make him believe that maybe he did not give enough. It is very likely that he demands himself as if he had been at fault, because in some way he justifies the wrong act of someone who did not have the courage to respect what was in his heart. Virgo may take the time to listen to you because he only needs to put the pieces together to be calm, it is a very brave way to say goodbye. That way in which there are no more doubts, in which you simply decide to know everything and once you have the truth you let go of it forever. There is nothing wrong with you, it is just that you set very low standards.

7.- Libra

A deep breath for all those times when Libra has ended up with his heart in his hand and his breath on the floor. There are loves that break you, that after so much indecision to open the door of your life, they have the nerve to make fun of your feelings. You are delivered, but no matter how much you love, you are not going to let your dignity end up on the ground. You are so that they love you beautifully, so that you receive all the loyalty, trust and hope, that you give. You are a unique person and you do not have to settle for a half love. An infidelity for you is not forgiven, it is not even forgotten, it stays there, in the secrets of your memory as a hard lesson.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the one who, even if you beg forgiveness in front of a crowd, he is not going to forgive you for an infidelity. It is the sign that loves in a passionate way, without filters and as if there were no tomorrow. When someone hurts you, you better turn around and go on your way. They say he is vindictive, but if it is infidelity he is not going to waste time on so little thing. Scorpio can dig a grudge into his soul, he simply will not want to see you again in his life. You are not enough to close the doors of love forever, but it will slow down the next time someone tries to sweeten their ear with pretty words.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who prefers to immerse himself in his own world after an infidelity, it is not that he avoids it, it is that he wants some time to analyze everything that happened. He has something proud, he will not let you see him defeated and much less will he take the time to listen to your pleas with little credible arguments. In reality, he is not one of those who goes around giving his heart to anyone, on the contrary, he is too cautious and prefers to live on the edge, but without ties. Sagittarius will never trust you again, so there is no point in wearing yourself out trying to persuade him. Once you decide to put an end point there is no going back, you will do it without fear.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the one who has a lot of things on his mind, his mind does not stop and neither does his projects. The truth is that when someone is unfaithful to him it is difficult for him to assimilate it because for him to show his vulnerable side it is because he is really in love. However, even if you are the special person, with whom he has fun and with whom he would do all that that he would not do with the rest, he will still take you out of his life and immerse himself in his full schedule. Actually, it is a sign that does not get on with loneliness. If something went wrong it is because it has its pros and cons, but you prefer to stay with the pros and not lose yourself in the role of victim.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the one who says nothing, but feels everything. He may smile at you after finding out that you were unfaithful, it is not that he does not care, it is that he is telling you that his resilience is superior to anything else. It is the sign that has the strength to recognize the wound, understand why and then let go. Do not try to make fun of his emotions, if you hurt him you have to face the pain of his absence. It is easy for him to cut ties, even when he loves excessively. Aquarius prefers to take refuge in his creative side, that’s where he finds calm. A very smart way to deal with pain and move on. You no longer have a space in their days.

12.- Pisces

Pisces hides in a reckless way, it is the one who is not willing to give the other the pleasure of being torn to pieces. It is the sign that remains on the sidelines of everyone, it does not want to give you the pleasure that you won. If you were unfaithful to him, his crazy part comes out, the one that does not understand reasons, the one that takes you out of his life in the blink of an eye. He doesn’t admit that he can’t take it anymore and may be desperate to hold you, begging inside that it’s all a nightmare. But, his pride can do more and that’s when he just wants you to no longer exist, he rips you out like a sheet of a notebook and does the same with all those memories from his memory. It is an end point and there is no more.


How Each Sign Works When A Bad Love Is Unfaithful

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