The Type Of House You Would Live In According To Your Sign

The Type Of House You Would Live In According To Your Sign

Only those who have enjoyed having their own space know the feeling of freedom that is breathed in each of its walls. The house of your dreams is more than that, it is synonymous with home, love, warmth. Each zodiac sign imagines the ideal place , according to their personality traits. Although of course, there are certain exceptions, but most would be delighted if they are surprised with something like that. This is the type of house you would live in according to your sign:


The perfect house for you? It is a place where you can show off your personality, something central, in the heart of the city. Where you have a panoramic view that you can appreciate from the balcony of your bedroom. There is a part of you that dreams of an attic, in which bright colors stand out, a couple of mirrors and some silk in the decoration. You have that dark and mysterious side, which becomes perfect to capture the attention of the rest. Your house reflects your impulsive side, lover of risk and always ready for change. The modern does not displease you and the more exclusive, for you it is better.


On the shores of the city, that is where you have dreamed of your perfect life, in which you breathe peace and feel balance in every corner. Yours is more country, a place where you can develop your agricultural side and lover of your earthly roots. You are loyal to the Earth, to the connection with nature. The type of sign that is capable of leaving the busyness of his life, to simply launch himself to a place where no one knows him. You do not need many luxuries, it is enough that it is functional to feel comfortable. You love the smell of wood, greenish tones and lots of plants surrounding your room. This is your ideal home.


A starry night, while you drink a cup of coffee. The perfect place for you is something that honors warmth. You want something as dreamy as you are, a cabin. Everything that the forest hides captures you, you lose yourself in so much charm and you would give anything to spend the rest of your life among large trees and a place that makes you feel calm. You are the one who prefers the simple, light furniture and an organized space. Of course, the touch of a bright tone can not be missing. Your perfect home is synonymous with refuge, where you can simply be you and find the inspiration that keeps you on your feet.


A home that smells like chocolate, the kind that grandmother used to make. To the stew with which mom spoiled you. A home where you can run away after a bad day, to get energy. Cancer prefers the traditional, a small house in the suburbs that is comfortable and spacious. In which you can have your favorite pet. It is the sign that you are looking for where you can put down roots, the place where you can have fun with your neighbors and watch generation after generation grow. He does not need so many material things, he wants love, security. The tranquility that whatever happens there will always be a ceiling to reach.


If Leo had all the money in the world, he wouldn’t think about it for a second, the brighter the better. Your dream home would be perfect if people noticed it effortlessly. A bit of luxury in the corridors, the stairs, the beds, everything! Leo loves to enjoy the opulent, anything that makes the zeros of his account feel nervous. He is the one who pays attention to every detail in such a meticulous way that it even scares. Leo loves everything that breaks with the conventional. Knowing that your tableware, sheets or any other type of decoration is unique in your home, simply gives you an inexplicable satisfaction.


Virgo is the one who goes for the minimalist when it comes to choosing the home of their dreams. A small place that you can organize,like a dollhouse. You do not need material things, you want everything that gives life to each corner. You love the challenge, knowing that you can turn a simple place into something wonderful, it just makes your heart flutter. You want something practical, something that does not take a lot of time, but is capable of giving you a unique style. Virgo is a perfectionist, he cares how each space in his home looks and focuses his attention on making it look fairytale. He is the one who does not remove his finger from the line until he succeeds.


Pool, white walls, a romantic touch. Is anyone talking about the ideal house for Libra? Without a doubt, you want something from a magazine , that house where design and dedication can be seen . You want it to look imposing from the first moment you step foot in the doorway. Libra is everyone’s friend, so having a spacious home does not hesitate to become the host that everyone is looking for. Libra has an exquisite taste when it comes to decorating, she knows that elegance is not in the cost, but in the quality. So, he knows how to combine old with modern, he is the one who teaches you what it means to pay attention to every detail.


Scorpio is the one who dreams of a place where he can let his introverted personality take over. A distant house that honors the mystery, with dark and captivating tones. She is happy in a place where the sofa is made of leather, the mystical paintings and those peculiar scents fill every corner. He likes everything that has to do with good luck, the kind of charms that fill with good vibes. Blackout curtains, incense, and a couple of collectibles. You want something that gives you peace, that fills you with energy after a bad day. Scorpios are not looking for anything ostentatious, they want an authentic home and that is enough.


Why have a stable home when you can go on a trailer enjoying every moment? Sagittarius wants a home that represents them, that is able to connect with their traveling part and that desperate spirit to go out and immerse themselves in unknown textures, colors, flavors and cultures. You want a bohemian space that raises your good vibes and becomes a refuge when things go wrong. The RV with colorful accents is ideal for your changeable personality. You are a dreamer and you do not like to be in one place, it is very difficult for you to take root and get bored easily. So traveling is your best option.


Your perfect house has to be described as an efficient place, where you feel calm, a little corner that makes you feel that you are taking the right step. That is why a simple apartment is enough for you , the less things for you the better. You run away from disorder and prefer the indispensable before falling into the compulsive. A small place is perfect for your busy life, otherwise you would not have time to organize anything. You stick with neutral colors and it may be a bit dark. You want a home that becomes your Zen space and brings you back after a bad day.


Aquarius is the one who embraces intelligence, who is always the order of the day and gets lost in so much technology. The way you are always digging into the future is something that sets you apart from the rest. That is why your perfect home would be a place where artificial intelligence takes control . You know, in the style of the great programmers, where motion sensors, solar panels and any other form of energy saving are essential. Your home is synonymous with ideal, a space where you can let your imagination fly and where you can channel each of your ideas. With a design that gives you the feeling that it is immense.


Pisces is like that, when you least think it is already submerged in its own world. Sometimes your sensitivity can’t handle it so nonchalantly and all you want is to get away from it all. A little house in the distance, it does not matter if it is humble or not. Pisces simply wants to enjoy the taste of home, in a community where no one messes with anyone, that human warmth is felt. It stays with the soft colors, where the decoration of the grandparents is more than evident. Pisces wants a place where you can enjoy a soft ballad while the sun comes in through the window. Perhaps for many it is a wild target, but for Pisces it is synonymous with peace of mind.


The Type Of House You Would Live In According To Your Sign

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