What Kind Of Dog Fits Your Personality According To Your Sign

What Kind Of Dog Fits Your Personality According To Your Sign

They say that dogs are not your whole life, but they make your life more complete. Man’s best friend, the puppy who knows neither hatred nor grudges. He is the one who waits for you after a bad day with a lot of love and without asking you anything in return. In his gaze you can find so much purity that it cleanses your soul. If there is a companion who knows what complicity and loyalty are, without a doubt the dog. But… what type fits your personality according to your sign?

1.- Aries

The dog that best suits your zodiac sign, without a doubt, is the Doberman, who can be a bit stubborn because he does not think much before acting, but is so intelligent and skilled that he always gets what he wants. He is a leader like you, he has the courage to jump into the ring without looking back. This breed is one of the most admired, of which they earn the trust of humans, because they have turned out to be great and very faithful caretakers. He is like Aries, impulsive, brave and daring. A very fast dog. He wears a hero cape and wears it proudly. Like Aries, he knows that the public applauds his way of seeing life and enjoys it.

2.- Taurus

Taurus you are stubborn, trustworthy, and somewhat meticulous. You are like the Boxer dog breed , one of the most intelligent and faithful. His company is unique, he is the one who follows in the footsteps of his master until the last moment. Like you, when you pledge allegiance to someone you keep it, your word is sacred. In addition, it is a very reliable breed, it is the guardian of the family, it does not think twice before putting its legs in the fire for someone it loves. The boxer is disciplined, he has no problem with following the rules. On the contrary, it becomes the example for the rest. A dominant companion, but with the character of a child.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is the changeling of the zodiac, who is not waiting for anyone to tell him what to do. On the contrary, he does not get along with the rules. It is very similar to the French Bulldog , one of the breeds that stands out for always doing what it wants. It is a curious, fun breed and needs to try new things all the time, otherwise it will get bored easily. His spirit is free, playful, it is the one that transmits the good vibes and steals your smiles. His energy seems to have no end. Children love this dog for the same reason, but he can become a stone in the shoe for adults. It is enough to see his face to know that the relationship may not be entirely easy but it will be worth it.

4.- Cancer

The Labrador is a charm for almost everyone, but it also has a side that is a bit scary at times: especially when they “touch” their own. Cancer has the soul of a Labrador , because he is protective in a way that he does not understand reasons, he gives his life for his family. You cannot imagine how loyal this race can be, when they decide to be by your side there is no human power to make them change their minds. However, behind that sweet face hides one of the strongest personalities in the canine world, just like Cancer. It has had to put a huge shell so that other signs do not tear it to pieces. The Labrador is very demanding when it comes to establishing bonds at the beginning, that’s why it is difficult for him to create ties with new people, when they know you a little, they give it their all.

5.- Leo

Delivered, sweet, affectionate, cheerful, playful, intelligent, outgoing and sociable, this is how we could define Leo. With a personality very similar to the Pomeranian , the one who steals the eyes wherever he goes. But behind someone so beautiful hides a docile, tolerant soul with a wealth of love willing to give. We are talking about the dogs that honor the family, that once they fall in love with you there is no going back, they will use their complexion to their advantage and they will defend you with all their being. Although they seem very small, they know how to be dominant, even leaders, and they are extremely faithful when they give them love.

6.- Virgo

Perfectionist, organized and determined. Virgo is the sign that is always one step ahead, his mind never stops and the more plans the more satisfaction. It is just like the Golden dog , who always analyzes his every step. They are a very hard-working, disciplined breed and when they set a goal there is nothing to distract them. They earn the respect of humans because they are extremely productive, but that does not mean that they do not have their sensitive side and that their playful part is present from time to time. Sometimes these dogs put on a mask of evil to survive, just like Virgo.

7.- Libra

Selective, sociable, but with a touch of shyness. Libra is very much like the personality of an Akita Inu. His company is unique, when you have him close you feel the simplicity and loyalty that he transmits, he is a dog that does not let himself be loved easily, but when he gives you his trust, it is forever. And you win everyone’s attention even without looking for it. He is very intelligent and that is why he tends to get bored easily. In addition, he is very familiar, the classic friend who is always willing to follow your every step. Akita Inu thrive with each challenge they meet, it fills them with satisfaction to put each of their senses to the test, although that can often be counterproductive because they are not very aware of the dangers around them. Just like Libra sometimes does.

8.- Scorpio

Fierce, intelligent, reserved and somewhat mysterious. If there is a breed in which we can find similarities with your character, without a doubt, it is a Pitbull. One of the most feared dogs, because they have been given a bad name, arguing that they are cruel. However, they can be the most emotional, resourceful, courageous, and intense. They are like Scorpios, they affected at first, but only those reckless who dare to enter their heart, realize that they are the most charming. Pitbulls are too loyal, they defend to the last breath, they are one of the most intelligent breeds, don’t you dare underestimate them.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the one who thirsts to live today, his spirit inspires you to do what you never did before. You are the soul of the party and you enjoy it like no one else, your personality is very similar to that of a Pinscher . He is a playful, smart, friendly, energetic, outgoing and receptive dog. It really is impossible that they do not steal a smile from you, it is the type of race that wins the heart of even the most bitter person who appears in its path. He is a funny, witty dog ​​and enjoys exploring everything around him. In addition, it has a very peculiar way of adapting to any type of environment. One of the friendliest dogs, the kind that loves to go out for a walk, just like Sagittarius is easily bored.

10.- Capricorn

Disciplined, intelligent and organized. Capricorn is the zodiac sign that loves to follow the rules and does not take his finger off the line when proposing something. His personality is very similar to that of a German Shepherd , a dog capable of surviving everything and very stubborn when he wants something. Its temperament is strong but at the same time, it is one of the most reliable breeds and they are always prepared for any threat. It is like Capricorn, a calm dog that adapts to any situation and prefers to save its energy for something productive. As a life partner, he is one of the most loyal you will find.

11.- Aquarius

Dreamer, smart and innovative. Aquarius is the type of person who prefers to immerse himself in his own world before dealing with people who only come into his life to criticize. His personality is very similar to that of a Dalmatian. Because he has those adorable moments, that when he promises that he will be by your side no matter what happens, he fulfills it. He is friendly and playful when he puts his mind to it and even lets them cuddle him. However, there comes a point where he sets limits and moves away, because he has a very independent side. It is a race that enjoys the human, but not excessively. When you feel asphyxiated you run away, you need to feel free at all times.

12.- Pisces

Imaginative, sensitive and curious. Pisces is the type of person who takes your breath back in the blink of an eye. It is a bright sign that surrounds you with its deep way of seeing life. Their personality is very similar to that of a Pug because they both have an irreverent spirit, capable of jumping into the ring regardless of the consequences, they don’t think much about it, they just get carried away by the moment. But, although they are very loving and noble, they are also extremely intelligent. They can get used to you, but if you don’t treat them well, they move away even though they need to be in the company of their loved ones. The Pug is sweet, but if you wake up his bad part you may regret it.


What Kind Of Dog Fits Your Personality According To Your Sign

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