What Kind Of Crazy Bride Are You According To Your Sign

What Kind Of Crazy Bride Are You According To Your Sign

No, you don’t have to understand her, the woman is like that, she was born to be loved. For the brave who dare to dive deep into their thoughts. For those who discover their hobbies and do not run away. They call them crazy, but once you decide to enter their heart it breaks your soul to see them cry. Yes, they are crazy, because they are fire, because they are magic, because they are more than a kiss in the middle of the morning or feeling that the skin bristles as the sun enters through the window. They are one of those crazy women that nobody understands, the kind who call you at dawn and say: ” I miss you . ” What kind of crazy girlfriend are you according to your zodiac sign? 


Aries is the one who does not shut up, the one who prefers to stay without friends rather than hide what they feel. She is the one who thirsts for everything and nothing, the one who takes impatient, impulsive steps. The woman who when she gets angry is better that you stay away because it will make your legs shake. He is brave, he does not need anyone to solve his life, he throws himself into the ring even if he dies of fear. It is the one that puts aside the worry, but does not give up. They say that he is a psychopath because he is able to smile while planning revenge, but … don’t worry, few are so important in his life. Aries is crazy because she cries when she feels cracks in her soul, but she has the courage to caress them and then wipe her tears away. Don’t you dare cheat on her, because you are going to know the fury of a lady.


Fun, meticulous and ambitious. If you are not ready to lower the Moon and the stars, you better look the other way. Taurus is possessive, because she is tired of going around with loves that end in other arms. It is reckless, because once a goal is set there is no going back. It is the sensual, the powerful, the one who does not let anything disturb her. They say that she is psycho because she can get into the routine, because she is not willing to deal with change. He is the one who forgets everything when concentrating on a project. What’s wrong with wanting to be better? In not conforming. Taurus is a woman who knows her worth and that is why she is now capable of creating a hurricane if necessary, she is one of those who screams, the one who cries, the kind that destroys everything when someone wants to do less of her.


Charming, intelligent, changeable. Gemini is used to being called the black sheep, to going against the herd. Call her crazy, that won’t make the bunch of butterflies in her soul stop. She is the pretty woman, the one who is able to touch your deepest emotions, the one who stimulates you and is not afraid to show her courage to others. His laugh is psychopathic, which he enjoys as if he were going to breathe his last, because he knows that life is like that, it changes overnight. It is difficult for him to commit and is that his mind never stops, always looking for something more and without direction. For Geminis it does not matter if you do not have a plan, it is enough that you have the desire to take the step. His madness is the one that is full of jokes and a lot of endless laughter.


Yes, she’s lunatic, she’s moody, she’s emotional, she’s the woman who comes into your life and causes you more flutter than a bunch of hormones. Cancer is an accumulation of tears without scales, it is the one that when she loves she does it with a blindfold and a lot of love in her heart. It is mysterious, it does not come out of the shell with just anyone, but once it promises you loyalty it defends you like a beast for no reason. You better learn to deal with his frenzied and exhausting mood swings, because he may feel like his world is in pieces and he wakes up like nothing the next morning. Cancer is a psychopath who is often silent because she is afraid, she feels that few have the empathy to understand everything that travels in her mind and in her heart.


Rebellious, impulsive, dramatic. Leo is the crazy one who does not understand reasons, the one who is always ready to get her claws out. It does not go around creating wars, but if you look for it you will find it and you will not like its cruel side. She is a madwoman who can get lost in her own world and when someone hurts her she does not sit idly by. He has a very stealthy and intelligent way of giving lessons. She is the psychopath who pays attention to every detail, then uses the information to her advantage. You have no idea of ​​everything it stores in its memory. Leo is the psychopath who doesn’t forget anything. Time may pass and he may even smile back at you, but you never know for sure what he hides in what he does not tell anyone.


Organized, thoughtful and perfectionist. She is the psychopath who wants each piece in its place and if someone dares to move them without her authorization, they will find her strict side. At first glance, she may seem like the sweetest woman in the world and yes, she has a tender part, but her hypochondriac side kills everything. Virgo is a cluster of plans, let’s say that in his head there is an Excel that changes all the time. They call you crazy because you are rigorous, because you do not conform, because you demand yourself to tears. You are too strict with yourself and when you feel that you are not giving enough you can tear yourself to pieces in the blink of an eye. They say that you have no heart, that your cruel side knocks down anyone, but it is your controlling part that does not let go of you.


Interesting, romantic and indecisive. Libra is the one who shakes you from head to toe, he is the one who has the gift of sympathy in his eyes. Being by his side is synonymous with calm, because it helps you put your feet on the Earth. But… it has a rapturous side, the one that blocks all kinds of opinion and simply lets itself be carried away like a wave of the sea. Libra has the ability to envelop you with their sense of humor. They say she’s psycho because she can be extremely sweet, sociable, and talkative when it comes to getting what she wants. Let’s say manipulation is not something that is difficult for you. However, it can cause your stress to skyrocket when you don’t know what you want. You are the one who has to give the matter a thousand turns before feeling safe.


Reserved, intense and temperamental. Scorpio is the crazy person who gets to spark your days, she is the one who has the gift of captivating because of her unpredictable and persuasive side. She is the one who takes the reins of the game without fear of the consequences. He is as psychopathic as his planet, Pluto, who honors destruction, death, and end points. But he also has something of Mars, the God of war, so his character is one of arms to take. She is the woman who does not feel the need to look good with anyone, when something bothers her she simply shouts it from the rooftops. She is the adventurer, the one who does not sit idly by and comes out to make life smile on her. So don’t try to see his face, because he will teach you the art of deception. He can smile at you and be planning the worst on the inside.


The archer, the desperate, the adrenaline lover. Sagittarius does not care if they say she is a psychopath, she is used to going against the norm. He is the one who carries the intense vibe in his soul. The one that does not waste time, much less opportunities. She is feminine, but also brave, and does not jokingly expect to be told what to do. His heart is a mystery, few manage to enter the deepest part. It is like that, unpredictable, you never know what his new madness brings him and if someone is not willing to deal with it, he just says goodbye. They say that he is a psychopath because he does not lie, because the moment he decides to leave everything, he does. They say that she is crazy because she is faithful to her convictions and because she loves to break the rules.


Elegant, decisive, disciplined. Capricorn is the woman who puts the requirement ahead, for someone to meet their expectations they need to perform one merit after another, they are too fussy when it comes to opening the doors of their emotions. They say that he is a psychopath because his ambition takes control and there he is able to ignore anyone who becomes an obstacle in the goal he wants to achieve. There is nothing that prevents you from achieving your dreams, if you want it you have it, there is no other option for you. You’re the kind of smart and stubborn crazy girlfriend who when she wants to show off her skills she does it like she’s on one of those rugs where they idolize everyone who passes by. Capricorn realizes everything, if you try to make fun he will say goodbye.


Charming, quirky, distant. Aquarius is the one who puts herself as a priority, she is the crazy woman who learned to embrace her loneliness and since then there is no going back, now she prefers to sink into her own thoughts and put everything else aside. She is the madwoman who surrenders to nature, to her roots, the one who invites you to savor what really matters. She is the one that honors her humanitarian side, which is capable of giving up everything to help the other. He is the one who takes refuge in a good song, a painting, a dance. Aquarius is like that, unpredictable, you can hardly keep their attention. His energy is peculiar, it is not for everyone, it is for wise minds, for those who do not have full cracks in self-esteem. It is for those who do not waste time in nonsense.


She is like that, free, empathetic, sweet. She is the crazy person who is capable of hugging you in such an affectionate way on an emotional level that prejudices remain in nothing. She is the creative one, the one who forgets everything in order to look for things that make her heart beat and shake her soul. It seems tender, it seems that it forgives everything, but … let its crazy part show itself and it will put you in your place. Pisces can put up a huge barrier when someone tries to dominate her. There his dramatic part appears, the one that forgets everything that reason tells him and simply fights like a beast. They say that he is a psychopath because when his character is present he becomes unstoppable, with a strength that affected. He does not hear, he does not hear, he does not see anything. It’s simple, with Pisces you fit in or not in his life, he doesn’t want middle points.


What Kind Of Crazy Bride Are You According To Your Sign

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