The Toughest Zodiac Sign

Most of us take them seriously when it comes to predicting zodiac signs. Everything from “twins are super compatible” to “fish are the most unpredictable”.

Much has been said and believed over the years. But now we have precise data on which to base all of these assumptions.

Take a look, and don’t forget to put some of the most dangerous zodiac vibrations on a friend – BADASS Zodiac


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Twins are considered to be the safest. They are the last people to get involved in criminal activity as they have a habit of looking for logic in everything they do.


Aquarius is the second most innocent zodiac sign. They care very much about justice and doing what is right. They are therefore less likely to be involved in criminal activity.


Leos are also less criminal when they commit murder. They are most likely to stand out for their attention to detail and a certain sense of drama.


Libraries may appear friendly and patient, but that’s not their only quality. The moment they realize that you are taking advantage of their kindness, they can become violent.


Virgos do some super decent murders. So be careful! However, for the most part, they are more involved in crimes such as theft or fraud than they are in killing someone. Big relief!!


The Pisces are calm and creative, but not always because they want to blend in. History proves that some of the most notorious killers were the Pisceans. So, the next time you see your Pisces friend lost in meditation, you will be scared, very scared.


Capricorns aren’t serial killers, but when they get aggressive they create legendary news stories.


Aries tend to get angry more easily, but they don’t always turn to violence. It is they who might be angry enough to murder you but most likely won’t. When you know how to stay away and send just the right chocolates as an excuse.


An angry Taurus can be dangerous. While their temperament is legendary, research and data suggest that they are more likely to commit fraud than murder.


You have to be very careful when you know a Sagittarian. These guys don’t just commit a crime, they go all out in the process. Think of slow torture, bloody methods, and legendary murder weapons.


Scorpios are sadistic so be extra careful with the jokes you make around them, as their true motives and actions are just as mysterious.


Cancer patients prove to be superior to all. Their mood swings are epic, and according to the data published, they are most likely to kill out of jealousy.




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