The Top 6 Most Nerdy Zodiac Signs

Do you consider yourself a nerd? Do you know which specific zodiac signs are considered to be the neriest zodiac signs of all?

Before we get into that, we should probably agree on what the term “nerd” means. Contrasted with “nerd” – which means that a person who is passionate about a certain area or topic, a “nerd” is practically an intellectual.

Zodiac signs get their attributes from their ruling planets as well as from their house position in the natal chart.

However, there are many other things and conditions that affect a person’s intellectual inclination. As a practical rule of thumb, however, these are the zodiac signs that can be trusted to be basically nerds. Some of them can flaunt it openly, and some manage to balance themselves so far that they don’t show it. But nonetheless, they are nerds, and they all know it.

Here are the 6 nerdy zodiac signs.

1. Gemini

Not a shocker, is it? I bet you knew the moment you saw the title this was going to be. Geminis are naturally driven by curiosity. As the baby of the Air Signs, Gemini are mostly self-centered in their pursuit of knowledge. They are also outrageously inexcusable and completely open about it.

Unsurprisingly, in their spare time, your twins immerse themselves in something they are passionate about doing. It’s not uncommon if you happen to ask a simple question about it, either, and the twins will likely end up giving you a beginner’s course in this subject.

They’re also easily distracted, or they’ll “blow you in the wind” when it comes to getting the insider’s know-how about something they don’t already know.

2. Aries

Because how can it not be? These are the notorious binge watchers. Those who have a deep knowledge of all things fandom. They are also the ones who will use this knowledge to rule over those around them, and who will use this opportunity to talk to their hearts’ content.

As the first fire sign and first zodiac sign of the zodiac, their striving, like that of the Gemini, is also self-centered. An Aries loves to be the light of the crowd, and their inner nerd helps them get there one way or another, and while they’re at it and instill a few laughs or just plain awe, they’ll even get you one or teach two things without you even knowing.

3. Libra

Libra is the second of the air signs and is considered the we-center of the flight trio. Libra is one of those who is likely to deny your observations about them in one way or another, but believe us, these are all nerds. Her nerdy tendencies, however, are perfectly masked by her flawless sense of self-control and fashion.

These are the ones who make being nerdy cool. They also don’t care what anyone thinks when it comes to their clothes – which is probably how you can tell their nerd gasm … even if they’ll die if they deny it.

4. Cancer

We all know one or two of them – they are the ones who take the pursuit to the next level. These are the kind of nerds who will go out of their way to show their love and knowledge, but they’ll also do it in their cute way that no one will harm them.

These are the kids who had the elaborate space birthday parties when we were young and the folks who have a strict dress code for their Halloween parties (or any other party, actually) who had UFO-shaped pancakes back then that are now replaced with a Storm Trooper toaster.

5. Aquarius

How an Aquarius comes to you really depends on you. Aquarius is like these AI chatbots, they will study you, learn what the right answers are, and then you will see the perfect friend or companion you’ve ever met – and why not, this Aquarius tailored so. In other words, if you’re a nerd, Aquarius is too. If it’s not you, then neither are you.

It’s quite a mystery to be honest. Yet deep down, Aquarius is an intellectual because he is an air sign. They have the intellectual intelligence, and their all-encompassing approach makes them wonder.

Maybe not everyone will get to see it, but we know they prefer when they eventually choose their partner – the smartest and the neriest – to give Aquarius a good intellectual jousting tournament when needed.6. Sagittarius

Sagittarius spends more than a fair amount of time living inside their head. That’s why most of the nerd population is made up of these guys. We all know a Sagittarius who takes their interests far too seriously.

So much so that they’ll be the people in that row camping out on the sidewalk on the mustiest or rainiest of nights fighting the line cutters and mosquitos just so they can get their hands on those premiere passes or the early bird copies.

If there’s something your inner nerd wants, you know they’ll get it no matter what the cost and no matter what the price.

So there you have it! These are the neriest zodiac signs of all. Let us know in the comments below if you belong to any of these zodiac signs.

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