The Signs When They Are Greeted By Someone They Dislike

Greeted By Someone They Dislike

The Signs When They Are Greeted By Someone They Dislike

There are those who are not willing to include hypocrisy in their world, if someone is not to their liking, it shows at first. With their gestures, the way they remain silent or simply walk away, it is more than clear. They care little if they look educated, the only thing they don’t want is to fall for falsehoods. Has it happened to you? The signs of the zodiac have a particular way of acting when greeted by someone they don’t like. For a long time, they got tired of pretending, who accepts them well, and who doesn’t too. 


It is almost impossible for you to hide, Aries and the truth is that you do not intend to. When something bothers you, you are able to say it upfront, you don’t like to dwell on it. Of course, that does not mean that you seek a lawsuit. A part of you is very aware and you control your impulses, as long as they don’t try to ignite the explosive bomb inside you. You don’t lose courage quickly. Life is hard enough to deal with vibes that aren’t up to you. Also, it is very rare that you regret it, if your intuition tells you that it is not there, there is no more, you listen to it and you leave. 


You are short-lived and you are tired of people underestimating you, just because you have good feelings. However, you are not willing to allow someone to make you feel uncomfortable. You are not one of those who explodes from one moment to the next, you keep many things to yourself until you can’t take it anymore. In you, there is a volcano that is capable of making bad faces. Admit it, there are times when you enjoy when the other person walks away because they can’t stand your determination. You are not going to be the one to change the plans, if someone interferes, let them leave. You don’t mind being judged, you are used to dealing with the emotional garbage of the rest. 


You have a social being inside you, always with a smile and willing to let yourself be carried away by the moment. For you what matters is today and that is the reason why when you feel a heavy vibration in the environment, you set limits without thinking. It is not mandatory that you be funny with everyone, you also have your bad streaks and if they do not understand it, you will not lower yourself to their level. That yes, they prepare, because you do not think much, you simply express what you feel and period. What annoys you the most is that they try to treat you as if you were naive, it is absurd that they test your intelligence, because you do not need to use even a little force to knock down whoever you want


Most people know your sensitive side, they love to say that you give it your all, but they don’t talk about your inpatient side. Cancer, you also have your moments of bad mood, and when you don’t tolerate something it shows. You are a very sweet person, but you have never welcomed hypocrisy. When someone you don’t like greets you, your face becomes serious and all you want is to get out of there as soon as possible. You are not interested in keeping the gaze and you become the most cutting being. No matter how hard they try to break the shell, when you close it they hardly find the key. In addition, you do not tolerate that they dare to use physical contact. You make them see that a simple touch makes you sick


When you get angry, the lion that you carry inside you comes out, that is not a secret to anyone. You are not given to appearances, if you feel out of place you leave as soon as possible. Your little tolerance in these cases is very evident. Life is stressful enough to be around people who drain your energy. You are not going to pretend that everything is fine when in reality it bothers you even the other person’s breathing. Your pride would never let you accept companies like that. You prefer a thousand times that they say that you have a face of few friends, than that they say that you are false. As long as you know who you are, you have nothing to prove to anyone. 


Perfection shows even in the way you relate to the rest, Virgo. You are an extremely selective person and you don’t care if they call you exaggerated. You are not willing to put your emotional side at risk by living with people who only criticize your steps. Fortunately, over time your radar for detecting bad vibes has become twice as specialized and now you don’t let them affect you for a second. In the world, there are many people who all they want is to embitter the steps of others and you are not going to be anyone’s escape valve. You are not complicated or apathetic, you just know what you want and what you don’t. 


It’s true, Libra, you can meet a lot of people because your light personality helps them like you. However, you are not naive, you know that there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing out there and that is just the type of people you do not want in your world at all. Life has taught you that the best thing to do is set limits and stay away from people in need of attention, who are dragging problems from the past. You are not here to save anyone and that is why your rude side is present when they want to see your face. It is not that you lose your essence, you are still kind and very valuable, but not everyone deserves that version of you. 


The truth is that you are one of those people who appreciate the difficult times because there you have learned to see the true face of those who say they love you. The facts are what show interest and concern. If you are not tolerant of the people you appreciate, why would you be with someone you don’t like? Definitely, anger does not rule you, even if they paint you as the bad guy in the story, you are not as cruel as they say. However, your face is not a liar, it has certain gestures that scream when you don’t want to be next to someone for another second. What can make you angry is that they clearly see that you are putting up resistance and they continue to hold on. If they don’t understand the good ones they will face your bad side. 


Indirect to you? Not at all, that makes you quite lazy. You think they are old enough to play those games. You like people who have the courage to say what they feel, openly and with the courage to face the consequences of whatever comes. Your attitude is usually very cheerful and positive, so it is obvious at first when you don’t like someone because your face shows the desire to run away. You are not here to fight with anyone. In fact, you don’t want conflicting people in your life, you paint the line and period. It is not impulsive, it is because your intuition warns you. 


Wasting time with someone you don’t like? It’s not your thing, Capri, you better sit and wait for the negative people to get out of the way. You are one of those who get angry when the presence of someone begins to intervene in your day to day. That is, you are not willing to tolerate bad comments or criticism that you did not ask for. That does bother you and that’s when your anger can take over your behavior. You are one of those who turns your eyes, your face and you even get up a bit abruptly. You don’t care, because you don’t have to look good with anyone. If someone isn’t prepared to put up with your honesty, it’s their problem, you’re not going to hide it. They see you very seriously, but when your fierce part is activated they run away. 


You are a free soul, anger is not a subject to which you pay much attention, because you have learned to channel your energy in another way and that is above anything. You like people who contribute to you in every way, you are not here to deal with empty hearts, who do not want to change and excuse themselves for their toxic behavior. You are very calm, but not left and that is the difference that few understand. The bad thing is that you hold back a lot, you fill your sack with stones until a moment comes when you explode and then you not only make disapproving gestures, you also say hurtful things. You know that you cannot control the attitude of others and that is why you better leave. 


Let’s say that your thing is to change from one moment to another. Your emotions are like that, unpredictable, but genuine. You never do something you don’t feel, no matter if it means putting your vulnerable side at risk. People often come to you with the idea that you are going to let your guard down in the first place because they know that you are very empathetic and sensitive. You are, but you have learned not to give the best of yourself to anyone because there are many people who are taken advantage of and that is the one that you cannot see even in paint. Do not allow anyone to tell you that you are exaggerating, if something inside you tells you that this person is not worth it, trust. Because sooner or later time will tell you that you were right. Don’t stay with anyone you don’t like Pisces, there are many people who are worth it. 

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