What Each Sign Does When They Dislike Someone

Dislike Someone

What Each Sign Does When They Dislike Someone

There are things that cannot be hidden even a little. For example, when you don’t like someone, it shows in your tone of voice, your gestures, and the way you stop talking. You may try to smile, but it’s that smile dressed in discomfort, it’s not that you hate the person, but you prefer a thousand times to have them miles away from you. This is what each sign does when they don’t like someone: 


The truth is that Aries is not very cordial when someone they don’t like clings to having a conversation with them. Make it more than evident that he is not interested and does not follow the conversation, so do not be surprised if you are left with half a word in your mouth , he wants to distance himself. Aries feels that if he pretends that nothing is wrong, the person will trust that everything is fine and he is not willing to tolerate it. It is much better to set limits on time, because if you insist, the only thing that Aries will do is pretend that there is no one, you become nothing and that is worse


Taurus is perhaps the most sophisticated sign of the zodiac, but just because he’s not in favor of conflict doesn’t mean he’s going to tolerate people he wouldn’t accept for all the money in the world. In fact, in those cases, Taurus doesn’t care if they look good or bad, they are not interested in having the approval of others. He is very direct, don’t be surprised if he tells you upfront that he doesn’t like your energy and that he prefers you to keep your words to yourself. That’s when Taurus put courtesy aside and decide to put themselves as a priority. It’s not fair to his mental and emotional health, so without much regret, he will put you in your place. 


Without a single hair on the tongue. With grief, Gemini does not waste time on bad people, she vibrates that the only thing she wants from her in her life is to fill her with bitterness. It is a sign that shows discomfort in every pore and he does not intend to pretend, so as not to make others feel bad. Sometimes, she would like to ignore the situation and carry on as if nothing had happened, but there comes a point where they become too demanding and that is when Gemini dangerously stops. Please don’t have the nerve to demand attention from him, knowing that he doesn’t like you. If so, prepare to receive the whip of indifference. After all, she has nothing to lose. 


A deep breath, that’s what Cancer does every time someone they don’t tolerate comes their way. Do not trust yourself, because the fact that he remains calm does not mean that he is not burning inside. It is a sign that puts love first, but there are people who flatly do not let themselves be loved and do not love either. That is when Cancer has to show the brave side of him, the one that he is not willing to deal with bad attitudes. The downside is that if the Crab’s impulsiveness takes control, they better walk away. Because there his defense can be very hurtful. Better not insist, if he doesn’t tolerate you it’s for something. 


Believe me, Leo is the person you don’t want to dislike because he leaves you with more than one sore. It’s simple, it’s a sign that focuses on his life and as long as you don’t get involved, everything is fine, not even in the world does it make you. But… if you know that he can’t stand you and you insist on getting his attention, you better be careful. Leo doesn’t mind being too provocative, he likes to feel the tension and if you make him feel uncomfortable, he’ll return it three more times. It is best not to start a conversation, because it will end in a heated argument in which you will probably hear bad things that you will remember for the rest of your life. 


Hate? Please, Virgo leaves that to weak people. It is such a busy sign that he does not have time to invest in those who are not worth it. Undoubtedly, he tries to stay positive when someone he doesn’t like shows up, he’s hardly going to fall for his provocations. It is practically the same for Virgo, his life is not affected and if the other person intentionally wants to bother, it is very possible that Virgo will put a stop to it without thinking. He is very direct and dry, he does not want to make a huge mess, he simply makes it clear that he is not interested in you at all and that you better save your words


If there is something that Libra hates, it is drama, their life is already complicated enough with the people they do love, to still give importance to those who only want to turn their stomachs of anger. The truth is that there are those who become a stone in the shoe and that is when Libra simply decides to get up from the site and leave, she does not intend to tolerate unnecessary hints or fall for absurd provocations. Libra is very perceptive, at first he realizes the double intentions and better puts a stop to them. He prefers to stay with who is worth it. 


Yes, it is clear that Scorpio is not a sweet pear, it has its bad side and for many, it is the worst, but… the truth is that it does not lose energy in those who only subtract it. For Scorpio to hate you, you need to hurt him in an unforgivable way and he doesn’t even hold so much grudge in his heart. So when he doesn’t like someone, he simply has the courage to tell that person, so that it is clear that he is not interested in having any kind of communication. Scorpio hates hypocrisy, he is not going to force himself to relate to someone he can’t stand. Honesty above all. 


Sagittarius is the sign that believes that it is not worth hating anyone, that is only synonymous with embittering the soul and it is not going to put itself at risk. There are black clouds in the sky and that cannot be changed. However, he decides not to interact with people like that and pays attention to whom he does contribute in every way. The truth is that he does it in a very polite way, he can even cross a word or two with that person, but don’t ask for more. That’s enough, if they insist on getting a smile out of him, the only thing they’ll find is seriousness and make him want to run away. 


Capricorn has a strong character, it may seem intolerant, but the truth is that people are not used to setting real limits and that is why they do not know how to deal with the attitude of such a sign. The truth is that when you don’t like someone, you prefer not to fall into bickering, you consider that confrontation is unnecessary because there you would be giving importance to someone who is not worth it. However, he is very honest and before beating around the bush he tells you that he doesn’t like you and that he prefers to pass on any kind of conversation with you. He may sound hurtful to you, but he prefers the truth. 


It is difficult to determine when Aquarius dislikes someone because usually, it is not a sign that expresses their emotions, neither bad nor good. That does not mean that he does not have a heart, on the contrary, he takes care of it so much that he does not allow bad intentions to interfere with his way of seeing life. Although there are people who with their mere presence fill the environment with toxicity and that’s when Aquarius gets irritable. For no reason is he going to hide his annoyance, he wants you to realize that you are not welcome and that your comments are unnecessary because they are not considered. I’m sorry, but Aquarius doesn’t feel like dealing with those kinds of people. 


A complicated duel for Pisces, they get into so much conflict when they don’t like someone, that it’s hard for them to set limits. This is because his sweet and empathetic personality doesn’t allow him to be rude and that’s when people take advantage. Sometimes, Pisces can be very stressed by someone’s attitude, but he shuts up until there comes a point where he can’t take it anymore, and the last straw spills. Be very careful with annoyed Pisces, they may be very noble, but they also have a devastating side, the one that can smile at you and wishes you the worst. Really do not underestimate it, because when you least expect it, it puts you on a high. 

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