The Reason Why Virgo Ruins Your Relationship

Virgo Ruins Your Relationship

The Reason Why Virgo Ruins Your Relationship

Sincerely Virgo, You worry too much about everything, even about things that you know full well are not worth your time. I wish you could be otherwise, I wish you had an OFF button to turn your head off for a while when you know that overthinking isn’t going to solve anything. But you don’t have it, and many times trying to stop this only increases it more.

Your darkest side is that of a picky person who is always complaining about everything. Even if you yourself know that this is not healthy, you can’t help but make that complaint or make a bad face when you don’t like something. And you don’t like a lot of things. The point is that sometimes, you have to control yourself a little. Work on the relativization of things and not give all the importance in the world to small or insignificant things that are not going to change anything. You want everything to always turn out so “perfect” that when you see a small flaw, you can’t stand it being there. And it doesn’t matter what defect it is if you see it as such.

Your perfectionism leads you to be a somewhat negative person because you think that nothing goes quite right almost never. And Virgo, things don’t work like that… With that attitude, it’s normal for things not to go well and one of the reasons why a relationship can be ruined is the constant negativity that you can emit when something doesn’t go as you want it to… In any case, we must make something clear here: We are talking from the point of view of what you could improve, but that does not mean that your partner is not a saint.

For your part, if your relationship is ruined, it is undoubtedly because you let negativity take over your life. When you’re going through a bad phase, everything sucks. You get up badly, you go to bed badly, and everything, EVERYTHING, feels like a kick in the back. And the worst thing is that you don’t miss a single one, you don’t forget about it. Everything is bad from the moment you wake up so, knowing this, it’s time to start seeing the positive side of anything.

Remember that you cannot be happy with another person until you are happy with yourself. The first step to having a healthy relationship is accepting and loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself, who else is going to love you? Learn to accept your shortcomings but also find a way to fix them and don’t wait for it to be too late. Don’t wait to ruin everything. That “I am the way I am and whoever wants to will accept me like that” does not work in this world.

We have come here to progress, to improve, to evolve. And we have to correct what hurts us. Remember, even though we can ruin many things and our lives in general, who we really ruin is ourselves. A positive mind will always attract everything positive. ALWAYS Virgo. In fact, you know that when you have connected with this thought, it has passed.

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