The Reason Every Zodiac Sign Cheats In A Relationship

Cheating in relationships is one of the worst and heartbreaking things out there, and people who are betrayed by their partners know how painful it is to go through it. When it comes to cheating, everyone has their own reasons for it, and sometimes astrology can pinpoint exactly why each zodiac sign is cheating in a relationship.

Each zodiac sign has its own reasons for cheating in a relationship. Read on to learn more about what the reasons are and how they go about it.

This is why every zodiac sign cheats in a relationship

1. Aries

The known cheaters; cheat mostly for fun.

Cheating is like an adventure to them. When they find new people, they rush to cheat on their partners and they don’t even feel sorry. They make it seem like it’s the victim’s fault. They will blame their partners and stalk around free of guilt. There is no repentance for them.

2nd bull

The truly lovers; usually cheat because they are really in love.

The wayward Taurus is one of the rarest signs that will cheat and when they do it means you no longer exist in their life. Taurus gives everything in the relationship and if this loyal zodiac sign is cheating, it means they are really in love with this person. However, over time, you may regret it.

3. Twins

The polygamous lover; usually cheats with someone close by.

The ‘she cheated on me with my brother’ or ‘he cheated on me with my best friend’ squad, the twin goes out with someone close to you. In a gathering, they are usually found flirting with others and they embarrass you in front of your peers. Don’t worry, you will likely catch her red-handed too. If you leave them, they will feel upset and demand that you are not doing the right thing.

4. Cancer

The terrible deceiver; usually cheats to find the person who will complete it.

Cancer is bad at CHEATING. You get caught pretty quickly. This zodiac sign is cheating because they are always looking for someone who will complete them and that is why they cheat on their partners. What bothers them is that cheating will hurt their partner. This becomes the cause of their regrets.

5. Leo

The lazy cheater; usually doesn’t cheat at all.

Leo hates complications in life and avoids cheating at all costs. It is not out of loyalty, but rather it is their aversion to drama that keeps them away from cheating. The Leo enjoys long-term happy and peaceful relationships with their partners.


The master cheaters; usually cheats with lies and takes every precaution.

Excellent liar, the virgin is a professional when it comes to CHEATING. They can date you and four other people at the same time without you feeling left out. They have taken every precaution and the cheating is so perfectly planned that you will have a hard time catching them.

7. Libra

The masters of delusions; mostly cheat through manipulation.

They are masters at deceiving people and can cheat with three or more people for years. They are inherently manipulative and have strong backing. They would never take responsibility for their actions because they believe that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. However, they later realize that they did things badly.


The Rare Cheaters; usually they don’t cheat on their partners.

They are passionate lovers; they know how to love and how painful it is to lose loved ones. SCORPIO would seldom cheat. Rather, other signs of it cheat their partners after falling into Scorpio’s love. If the SCORPIO is cheating at all, then he would honestly say so.

9. Sagittarius

The playboys; mostly cheat because they see it as a game.

For the savage Sagittarius, love is a game. They are flirtatious and always have more than one partner. They fall for someone other than their partner very easily and can switch from one partner to another within weeks. But sometimes they also feel remorse.

10. Capricorn

The Physical Cheater; mostly cheats on a physical level.

Capricorn enjoys cheating and is an expert at it too. They don’t care about their actions. They are hard to catch cheating and once caught they would have enough alibis to justify their actions or to apologize. Most of the time, they are physically cheating while loving their partner.


Emotional cheaters; mostly cheat because they love to try new things.

Aquarius always moves from one person to another, trying new people. They love exploring emotions and if caught cheating they wouldn’t mind. They are usually selfish by nature and do not like to adhere to moral values.

12. Fish

The robbers of deceit; usually cheats and gets away with it.

The capricious fish is an expert in cheating. Like robbers, they are pretty good at planning their plan and should keep the victim in the dark for a very long time. While cheating, you will still make the victim feel like you are the only special person in their life.

What is your zodiac sign and have you cheated on your partner before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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