Cold, distant and captivating beauty. Without a doubt, Saturn is the planet that tests our mental, emotional and spiritual level. He is the one who honors order, knowledge and reminds us of the meaning of limits, has a touch of chaos that keeps us at the bottom of the canyon and urges us to break our fears. However, there are three signs that will undergo a change during Saturn retrograde on May 23.

The arrival of Saturn retrograde is on May 23 and lasts until October 11. This means that times are coming when we have to make important decisions, the kind that can change our lives overnight. Saturn retrograde makes you wonder again and again, doubts will be the order of the day, is he who confronts you with what you have been avoiding. It comes to remind you of your true purpose, above all, these three signs: 

3.- Aries 

A resounding change for Aries from May 23, it is time to reflect, what are you putting so much energy into? really worth it? It is possible that you feel frustrated and with the effort on the ground, it is part of the changes, remember that if you feel uncomfortable it is time to move, do not stay in a place where you are not happy. Saturn retrograde comes to remind you that you are paying too much attention to things that are really not worth it. Do not give up, perseverance is what will lead you to savor success. In the coming months, you will have more than enough projects and you should know very well what to choose. You may discover that what was lost has a solution. Saturn retrograde wants you to maintain stamina, to focus on what you want, you are doing a good job, trust what is coming. 

2.- Cancer 

Cancer is the one who seems that he is not going to start on the right foot this coming May 23, because his emotions are going to be through the skies, especially when we talk about sadness and nostalgia. Saturn retrograde comes with all its power to shake your feelings deeply, so don’t panic if you start to feel more overwhelmed than usual. In addition, there are trips to the past, those situations that you thought were left behind, but that do not let you advance. Give yourself the opportunity to suffer it and finally set yourself free.Saturn retrograde will be inviting Cancer to healing, he wants to remind him that each experience is a lesson and that tears, sometimes, are not so bad. Honor what life has planned for you and purify yourself of those things and people that are not worth it, that take away much more than they add to you. It was time to let go to find balance. 

1.- Capricorn 

Capri is also one of the signs that will undergo a change during Saturn retrograde on May 23. Let’s say that for Capricorn this coming May 23 will be synonymous with confrontation. It is a sign that detests obstacles in its life, it has a perfectionist side that prevents it from accepting sudden changes, and it can sometimes be very stubborn to let go of something. Saturn retrograde will not have much time to deal with your stubbornness, so it comes to give you the lesson of your life, above all, to remind you that no matter how much you want, you cannot control everything.Saturn is relentless, the teacher you need when it comes to resolving conflicts, is the one who will make you face moments of frustration, those in which you will cry, get angry and scream, but in the end you will realize that the best thing is to let go and keep moving forward, that’s when you will experience true liberation. Saturn retrograde for Capricorn is a sign that maturity and tranquility will be closer than ever. 

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