The Ranking: The Nicest And The Meanest Zodiac Signs In 2022

The Ranking: The Nicest And The Meanest Zodiac Signs In 2022

Which zodiac signs are the nicest and which are the meanest in this year 2022?

Let’s face it, most people who read their daily horoscopes do so to hear how unique and benevolent they are. On the other hand, they would rather not know the negative aspects associated with their personality. 

Do you dare to take a look at this ranking? The question could also be: Do you always bend down for people or do you just always put yourself first? 

Certain situations can evoke unnatural emotions in us, which for many of us could explain the unkind nature, although we wouldn’t really classify ourselves as such. 

Find out who is the meanest and who is the nicest zodiac sign this year! Let’s start with the nicest:


The Aquarius personality hates conflict and drama so much this year that they want to avoid any friction with others.

It’s fair to say that raising her voice and yelling at other people isn’t her thing. Aquarius doesn’t want to rebel against others or rub their opinions in their face. Aquarians are so kind and gentle that people often tend to take advantage of them.


Virgo is extremely friendly this year and is one of the nicest zodiac signs. The Virgo personality may not be very expressive, but their generosity is what really makes them special.

It is true that a Virgo would do anything for anyone, although she must ensure that her generosity does not make her naïve and others could take advantage of her.


Sagittarians hate bad feelings and always want peace. The Sagittarius personality is very open and wants to live life to the fullest, which means they just don’t have time to fret.

Sagittarius people are very forgiving and easygoing, which at times can mean they come across as overly harmonious, especially when speaking from the heart.


Libras are amazing diplomats because their lives are all about justice. The Libra personality is the most polite and accommodating of all the zodiac signs, which explains why they make such fantastic friends this year.

Although Libras can sometimes get a little too defensive in the eyes of other people, they still seek peace and harmony all the time.


Tauruses are the embodiment of kindness and this year they belong to the zodiac signs that are neither overly kind and unselfish nor nasty and mean.

The Taurus personality tends to be one of the nicest zodiac signs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like having the last word. Taurus, you’re usually quiet, but when people push your buttons, you’ll react and stand up for yourself – and that’s a good thing!


Aries is impulsive but can also be very friendly. The Aries personality is impulsive by nature and sometimes words just seem to slip out of their mouths.

You might offend people for not thinking through their words. Aries, your spontaneity means you have trouble thinking before you speak, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re hardworking, kind, and generous.


The lions are extra ruthless this year! The Leo personality is actually naturally dominant and loves to be recognized for their accomplishments and talents.

Warm, loyal, and loyal, Leos are very complex characters but can become mean when they don’t get what they want. And they will certainly show that this year.


Capricorns are runaway rebels in 2022. While they are very orderly, sensible, and responsible, they hate it when people don’t follow their rules.

When people don’t respect the rules of the Capricorn personality, they tend to have childish reactions and can even become mean to others.


Geminis can be really cruel this year. One of the most romantic zodiac signs, the Gemini personality loves to attract and persuade people. However, when Geminis don’t agree with something at all, their mean side can come out.


Fish strike first before you even have a chance to hurt them. The Pisces personality is one of the most sensitive of the zodiac signs and while they may seem harmless, their mean side comes out when a Pisces has an uneasy feeling about a person or situation! Pisces’ lack of confidence means they will always strike the first blow in an argument.


Cancer seeks revenge this year. For a Cancer personality, revenge is a dish best served cold. Cancer would do anything for their friends and family, but when a Cancer feels offended, their mean and vengeful side is eager to come out and play. And that seems extremely cruel to some people. That is why Cancers in 2022 are considered to be the rather mean signs of the zodiac.


The sneakiest and meanest zodiac sign this year is Scorpio. The Scorpio personality is fundamentally very passionate and he can sometimes get out of control of his emotions and let them rule over himself.

Don’t get me wrong though: Scorpios aren’t all bad. They are willing to do anything for their loved ones and expect the same from them. They are very loyal and want to be treated as such themselves. But if you offend them, they can want revenge, and it’s not usually gentle.


The Ranking: The Nicest And The Meanest Zodiac Signs In 2022

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