What Sign Should Aries Away From

What Sign Should Aries Away From

There is someone with whom things do not always end well. There are signs that are not the best approach if you want to keep the peace of mind and drama out of your life. Sometimes it’s better not to play with fire when you know you’re going to end up getting burned. You can’t risk it again, after having suffered so much, after I’ve made you suffer so much. What sign should Aries stay away from? Here is the answer:

To begin with, Aries, your relationship with Pisces, is a somewhat dangerous love-hate relationship. On the one hand, it gets on your nerves and makes your bad mood rise like foam. But on the other hand, you like it. You like it because Pisces knows how to empathize and listen, you thank them in your soul for that. But that he is a perfect psychologist, does not mean that he makes you lose your temper. With Pisces, it is like that. A little while good and the rest of the day bad. You can’t stand that he always ends up being the victim of the fight and the hand that never does anything wrong. You hate that he takes everything to heart. Honestly, Pisces, it’s a lot of drama for your drama and that can get to you. His most sensitive and vulnerable side can you. Admit it, nothing happens. It’s totally love-hate. Believe it or not, deep down, you could get to complement each other very well, because you both contribute, what the other does not have. Well, that’s what it is.

What you like is spontaneity, intensity, having fun without worries, laughing at everything, even at yourself. And that’s why, by your side, you need someone to raise your temperature and not someone who will destabilize you and make you lose control. Pisces is the perfect chaos for you to explode and that does not suit you. Although it is true that it does not only happen with Pisces… Cancer is not far behind, but it is also true that they have a lot of character and you like that too much.

Now, if we talk about extreme, fiery, intense, and really, really true compatibility, Leo and Scorpio hit the jackpot. They are the signs that you should not stay away from, on the contrary. If you want to test yourself, if you want to explore the limits, you better stay close to them. With these two signs, passion, illusion, and lust are more than guaranteed. Wars, too, but wars that go hand in hand with the best reconciliations you can experience. In truth, you don’t need to do much research or study to know for sure who ignites your spark to love and who does it to ignite your character.


What Sign Should Aries Away From

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