The Purposes That Each Sign Should Have For 2023

The Purposes For 2023

The Purposes That Each Sign Should Have For 2023

Like every year on these dates, we begin to make resolutions for the new year. Going to the gym, eating healthier, quitting certain habits, etc. We each have those small wishes of what we would like to be able to achieve throughout the next year. We want to talk about some of them and, for this reason, we tell you what are the purposes that each sign should have for 2023:


In addition to the personal resolutions that you want to set for this new year, there is something that should be on your list of priorities: impulses. Forget about acting on your own and without thinking things through carefully before making a decision. Likewise, you should also propose something similar to looking for certain routines that provide stability in your life (instead of always going on an adventure). 


Taurus, you must change the chip in terms of your honesty. You have seen that this is useful for some people, but that it has also helped someone take advantage of you. We are not telling you to stop being honest, but to learn to value who is and who is not. And, most importantly, it is not that you should deceive, but that you should stop giving explanations to others. 


Your resolution for the new year, Gemini, should be related to being more stable and controlling more of the duality that exists in you. While there are people who know how to cope with this aspect of your personality, others run away. We know you’re proud of who you are, but you need to downplay, a bit, the impact these changes can have on those you care about. It’s about stabilizing yourself a bit. 


You don’t need to make dramas about everything. We know you don’t like us telling you this, but you always make a mountain out of a molehill. And, worst of all, it affects you a lot, while others don’t care. Therefore, you should focus on finding healthy people with whom it is not necessary to create drama or bring bad moments to your day to day. 


Leo, for this new year, we advise you to depend less on other people’s praise. We know that it bothers you, a lot, that others do not see the effort of what you do, and that you love to be praised when you achieve something. However, if there is something that you should propose for this new year, it is not to be so “dependent” on these compliments.


Many of the complications that you experience in life are caused by this desire for perfectionism. No matter how much you do, no matter how hard you try, things will never be perfect. And, less, in your eyes. This is something that leads you to live with a feeling of dissatisfaction, which you must overcome. We are not telling you to change 100% because it is impossible, but we are telling you to leave more room for imperfection: you will see how it has its good things. 


Libra, routine is your thing. But, so is indecision. Any time you let someone else make decisions for you, you feel powerless or unsure of your abilities. Therefore, you must leave behind this feeling of “I can’t” or “I don’t know what to do” and change it to “it’s my decision, I know what’s best for me”. Your resolution for this new year should be to learn to decide for yourself. 


As a resolution for the coming year, perhaps you should think about obsessing less about what others do to you, what you don’t like, and what provokes you, and pay more attention to what really matters: your family and your best friends. Don’t waste time thinking about the “bad” in life and learn to enjoy more of the “good” in it. If there is a purpose that you should consider for the new year, it is to learn to let go of what hurts you instead of obsessing over it. 


The resentment towards these people who have made you feel unimportant or because of the criticism that has rained down on you is what you should put aside. Begin to understand that people say what they want and you must decide to what extent this affects you. You know perfectly well how to turn the page, how to let go of what doesn’t suit you. Well, the time has come to release these resentments toward the words of those who do not know you well. The purpose of the new year? Release those opinions of others that you have stuck in your heart. 


Capri, your resolution for this new year should be to pay more attention and time to your loved ones and not spend so many hours at work or with other obligations that you have set for yourself. We all have “obligations”, but this does not mean that they should occupy 80% of your time. Enjoy more quality time with friends, family, and partners. 


Aquarius, New Year’s resolution? Invest in yourself, but let others get closer to you. We explain ourselves: you should take advantage of this new year to find yourself, analyze those things you want to improve and draw up plans to achieve them. However, you should not do it all by yourself. I’m sure you have friends and family who will be more than willing to help you. Focus on yourself and your goals, but enjoy your social circle. Do not go closing in a band.  


If there is something, Pisces, what you should propose for this new year is not to trust others so much. If someone wants to be by your side, he must show you that he is worthy of everything you can contribute. Words are useless if they are not accompanied by actions. Therefore, be patient. Do not give everything at first and give the other person time to show you that he is worth it. 

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