The Most Cowardly Thing That Each Sign Of The Zodiac Does

Most Cowardly Thing

The Most Cowardly Thing That Each Sign Of The Zodiac Does

No matter how hard you try to make everything perfect, it is impossible, you are a human being, you make mistakes and you also have weaknesses that scare away your brave side. You can’t always be the superhero in the movie and that’s okay. Please don’t blame yourself for that, it doesn’t make you the worst person in the world. You simply behave according to the tools you have at your disposal, your instinct tells you that you should get out of a dangerous situation and that’s it. This is the most cowardly thing each zodiac sign does. 


Let’s see, let he who is free of sin cast the first stone. It doesn’t affect you to say that there are times when you have had no other option than to lie to free yourself from uncomfortable situations. There are people who don’t deserve your apologies, even when you know you were the one who was wrong. In that case, you prefer to use a lie in your favor to come out with your head held high, there is nothing leftFor you to ask for forgiveness, you must care too much about the person. 


You don’t care if they call you exaggerated, when it comes to establishing relationships you decide to maintain your shell because you are aware that people can behave according to what is best for them. You are very distrustful and that leads you to flee from many situations, your cowardly side does not try, it does not make an effort, because your fears tell it that the story can end fatally. Taurus, sometimes taking a risk is the best thing you can do. 


Being one of the most uninhibited signs of the zodiac, Gemini, it may even seem like a lie, but when it comes to discussions you prefer to stay out of it. Sometimes, it’s because of the other person, you know yourself well enough and you don’t want to hurt anyone. That’s why you walk away, you don’t confront and that can make anyone’s hair stand on end. The best thing is that they don’t pressure you because if they do they won’t see you again, no one beats you when it comes to disappearing. 


A minute of silence for all those people who have ended up in the corner of your resentment. Of course, Cancer, you are not perfect, you have a very sweet and compassionate side, but you also have a hard time dealing with a lack of loyalty. It’s not that you’re a coward, it’s that you’re not going to smile casually at someone like that, hypocrisy has never been your thing. It is best not to test your resentful side, because they will not tolerate it. They are used to dealing with tender Cancer, wait until they get to know your other side. 


It’s true, that you don’t like all the people you live with, there are some you can barely stand, but your upbringing doesn’t allow you to be rude. However, that does not mean that you are going to share part of your essence with them. It’s not that you believe you are superior to anyone, but you are aware that there are those who don’t fit your vibe and only take away your energy. They may call you a coward for staying away from those types of people, but you don’t care, your well-being comes first and everything else comes second. 


People dare to say that you stagnate because they see the constant Virgo, who does not allow anything to shake their routine, who needs to follow a strategy to achieve each of their goals. You have always been disciplined and the truth is that you do not plan to change to please others. Others see in you a coward, who doesn’t break rules and who settles for what he has. What they don’t know is that you are working hard for something in the future, but it is something that you are not going to explain to them, let them think what they want. 


Sometimes, you are so compassionate and empathetic that you end up putting yourself last. You become desperate to help others, without realizing that it is your inner voice that is eager for you to take it into account. Your promises come from your soul, but you can’t always keep them and that’s when they can stop trusting you. Don’t assume something if you haven’t analyzed the situation thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you are not well, it is impossible for you to lift someone without breaking yourself twice as much. 


Nobody knows what you hide behind that facade, I’m not saying that your life is a disaster, but you keep quiet a lot and you know it. Scorpio, there are times when stress eats away at you and life weighs you down, that’s when you throw everything overboard because your soul demands a break. However, they say that you are a coward for leaving a project halfway, it is not a lack of commitment, it is just that you need to come back to yourself to regain energy, otherwise it will not work. 


Survive, maybe that’s what you’ve done in recent years, but few understand it. Every day you have to deal with hurtful people, cruel comments, and pressure expectations. That is why you made the decision long ago not to let them affect you. You are not a coward or a conformist, you are simply tired of storms brewing in a glass of water. You prefer to see your possibilities in everything and turn back when you can’t handle something, there is no more. 


There is no doubt that the way you assume your responsibilities is admirable, you do not take anything for granted, on the contrary, you strive for everything to go perfectly and that leads you to hide your emotions. There are many things that make you choke up, but you are terrified of talking about them and being minimized. Perhaps, that is your most cowardly side, the one that resists and cannot fully trust. However, it has saved you from bad company. 


You are determined to break the monotony, you are really bored by people who are satisfied with pleasing others, leaving aside their own concerns. Yes, probably, that’s the cowardly part of you, the one that doesn’t want to be common and refuses to have a common lifestyle. However, if you think about it in a deeper way, you are being the bravest of all, because you are not afraid to put your instincts on the table and you do not run away from the consequences. 


All your life you have had to deal with rejection, living with people who only approach you to obtain a benefit in return. It’s not easy to accept it, and it hurts, but you shouldn’t be afraid of not fitting in Pisces. They call you strange, but you haven’t thought about what’s behind it. That is exactly what makes you authentic, what will lead you to the right people, those who do not want to change you and admire every part of your essence. Thinking about it, it’s good that your cowardly side scares away those who aren’t worth it. 

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