The Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs And Why


She is one of the most beautiful signs of the zodiac. A strong forehead will allude to intelligence, and fierceness makes the Aries woman both pretty and strong.


The way they turn their heads, or lift their chin – that’s enough to make a person crazy about their beauty.


Whether she is walking down the street or swimming, you will notice the arms of the Gemini woman. Usually one of her prettiest features.


Perhaps the prettiest hands in the zodiac belong to the Cancer woman.


Leo rules the heart, and the heart is in the chest. And that means some of the most beautiful breasts can be found on a Leo woman.


She’s the girl in the bikini with the best belly on the beach.


Libra rules the kidneys, and in terms of beauty, you’ll find that she has a back that you’ll want to massage for hours.


These ladies are meticulous about their line.


She has legs, she knows how to use them. Sagittarius is known for their gorgeous thighs and much like the thoroughbred horse that their sign is compared to, you’ll want to bet that ranch they’re even prettier wrapped around your head.


While Sagittarius holds the top spot for pretty thighs, Capricorn is the winner of the leg contest. The long, lanky legs are always so pretty, and no one parries them better or prettier than our Lady Capricorn.


Not everyone is blessed with beautiful ankles… but Aquarius is. Known to be the zodiac shoe models, these ladies boast very pretty ankles and look great in skirts and dresses.


While the Aquarius wears these shoes well, no one looks better without shoes than the Pisces woman. Nice feet and toes.


The Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs And Why

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