This Is How The Signs Of The Zodiac Flirt

The zodiac sign of your crush can explain his behavior and his way of acting with you. Through your zodiac sign, you can tell if those feelings are reciprocated or not. There are signs that have really complicated flirting techniques and others that do not care a little more and act without thinking. It is fun, but be careful, because it can be a somewhat complicated process. We often have a hard time telling if they are flirting with us or if they are just being nice. This is how Zodiac signs flirt .


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Aries is an expert in the field of flirting. He loves that constant game of tug of war. You know how to send a hint so that the other person will catch it instantly. Aries is not afraid to be direct with the person he likes or to take the initiative. Aries wants to launch as soon as possible. Because, believe it or not, he also has a very romantic heart ready to fall in love. He is a person who falls in love very quickly and it shows a lot when someone interests him. He is so outgoing that he is not afraid to shout from the rooftops what he feels. Aries needs to cut to the chase, it can’t wait.


Ruled by Venus , the planet of love, Taurus is one of the most sensual, romantic and flirtatious signs of the Zodiac. It’s tough through life, but it doesn’t take long for your flirting tactics to come to light. He is a person who loves small details. Taurus may have a way of flirting with something traditional, but be careful, because he has his point. He cannot bear physical contact from just anyone. If you notice that he gets closer and closer to you physically and breaks that barrier, he probably likes you a lot. He is not going to talk about his feelings just like that, but with Taurus it is very easy to tell if he is flirting with you or not. You will realize that little by little his life begins to revolve around you.


When it comes to flirting, Geminis go without fear, to such an extent that many times they lost it up before they are even clear about what they are going to do. She is one of those people who cannot keep quiet about the truth for a long time and hates wasting time when she likes someone. He is a great expert in flirting techniques, although then in the end, he ends up doing what he wants. Gemini can talk to everyone, because he is like that … When he likes someone, that conversation is different. It is very easy to see what their intentions are. Many people may think that it’s easy to mistake her kindness and outgoing side for her flirting, but it’s not like that. When Geminis flirt with you, you know it because they send you messages that they couldn’t send to anyone else.


Cancer when flirting with someone, wants to make that person feel at home. Suddenly, he begins to offer you thousands of things, he is not afraid to put that person in his house, in his group of friends, in his most affection circle. This is how Cancer flirts, making you participate in his life. In addition, he is very detailed. Unlike other signs, Cancer has no problem being kind, giving you the odd surprise or giving you something like this out of nowhere, even when there is no commitment involved. For Cancer, trust is key in a relationship and that is why, while flirting, he wants to earn your trust. Cancer likes if he suddenly asks you a lot about your past or about your previous relationships.


Leo is the quintessential Zodiac sign for flirting. It is not subtle at all, in fact, when a Leo likes you you know it, even if he / she did not tell you. His way of flirting is being affectionate, close and very affection. For Leo, it is very important to impress the person he likes and he will do whatever it takes to leave him speechless. If he likes you, he will not stop sharing with you everything he does in his day to day, talking to you at all hours, taking the initiative and proposing a plan, etc … For Leo flirting is making the other person feel special. If he likes you, you will know it and if not, too. With Leo, everything is easier than you think. When Leo flirts with you, the world stops.


When it comes to flirting, Virgo is someone who always goes with lead feet. You are not going to flirt with just anyone and even if you like someone, you will take time to figure out what your flirting plan is going to be. Yes, this is Virgo. It will be very difficult for you to know if he likes you or not, because he can be very closed when talking about his most personal things. Before launching, Virgo prefers to opt for friendship to see if he can really trust you. This is the Virgo flirting technique. You may think that he is sending you to the friendzone , but no … The really interesting thing comes later. When he knows what your intentions are and discovers that everything is serious, he will begin to flatter small details about you.


Libra uses her sweeter and innocent side to flirt when she likes someone. His ruling planet is Venus and he knows how to do things to win over others. Libra really likes to surround himself with people, but he does not surround himself with just anyone. It is very easy to tell if he is flirting with you or not. Suddenly, you will realize that Libra is beginning to be interested in many of the things that you like. They will find out what your interests are and will make an effort to show you that they are very similar to theirs. Your favorite series, is now his favorite series. Libra has no limits when it comes to flirting and can do anything just to like you.


Flirting with Scorpio is very intense. It is a super passionate sign that does not fool around in love. When you like someone, you use eye contact to win that person over. Once that has worked, move on to using his words to completely persuade you. Scorpios have no problem getting straight to the point when they really like someone. From the beginning he will let you glimpse what is happening and if you do not get his hints, he will have no problem saying things to your face. With Scorpio, flirting can be a very fun game in which you surely want to win. Scorpios know how to hint, but they also know how to be very clear about their intentions. This is how Scorpio flirts.


Sagittarius uses their charm and sense of humor to flirt. What you really want is to have fun and have a laugh. He doesn’t want to make a drama out of all this. If he likes you, he won’t stop sending you memes all the time or telling you about his funniest experiences. In addition, Sagittarius when he likes someone is a very unpredictable person and may more than once leave you speechless. What Sagittarius is looking for in a relationship is to have a good time, so it will put you to the test in the flirting phase to see if you are the one. If he likes you, Sagittarius will have no problem taking the initiative and starting the conversation. Very quickly you will realize that Sagittarius is probably flirting with you.


Capricorn has a little trouble figuring out how to flirt. He is a person who always has his feet on the ground and is in control of his emotions at all times. At first, come to think that Capricorn is a person who does not flirt, but it is not. Actually, when Capri flirts, he can be someone serious but quite direct and sincere. When he flirts it’s because he knows he won’t waste time with you. A Capricorn is never going to flirt with someone who makes it difficult for them. When someone likes him, he loves to have deep conversations about the future. You want to know what the other person’s ambitions are and what you want to achieve in the future.


Aquarius is a very intelligent person, so his flirting techniques will surprise more than one. Aquarius doesn’t flirt like everyone else. The typical hints and the typical fooling around bores him. He / she needs to go one step further. For Aquarius, flirting is talking about the strangest things and the most different interests of the other person. Aquarius does not want to fall in love with someone ordinary, he wants that person to be someone like him / her. Aquarius flirts through questions. To such an extent that it can overwhelm you if you are not prepared. The Aquarius persuasion strategy may be a bit weird, but it always (or almost always) works for him.


When Pisces flirts, they bring their sweet and shy side to the light. When he likes someone, he can become very shy. All for fear of having his heart broken. If he likes you, you will know it because with you he behaves very differently. Even at first, it may seem that you are afraid to open your heart. Pisces is one of those who prefers the other person to take the initiative. Even so, at all times he will show that he is extremely curious about you. When you like someone and you already feel comfortable with that person, Pisces loves to talk about their feelings, their fears, their dreams … Pisces loves deep conversations in the wee hours of the morning and that is one of their flirting techniques. .


This Is How The Signs Of The Zodiac Flirt

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