The Language Of Love Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Although the language of love is universal (statements, kisses, cuddles, hugs, romantic details, little gifts) we could say that there are many languages ​​apart, that is, according to each sign, there are many other more personal languages ​​with their zodiacal touch. It would be a language that would be defined by how each sign is, what they like to express, and what they want to be expressed when it comes to making their feelings clear. Know the language of love of each sign of the Zodiac and thus you will better understand what it indicates with each of its expressions.


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Aries is sincere and direct, so they do not mind making what they feel known, expressing their loving feelings (the less loving also brings them out very well). And he does it in a big way, naturally and with that pinch of childlike innocence that being the first sign of the Zodiac gives him. Aries will hug you and kiss you as if there is no tomorrow, with force, sometimes even awkwardly or with anxiety, of pure energy intensity that it expends. And you will want equal demonstrations of love. Directly, clearly. Aries is nervous about having to read between the lines, deciphering puzzles, interpreting words, and craving caresses. If you like him, tell him, if you appreciate or value him, tell him, and if you love him, tell him, don’t beat around the bush. And accompany the words with lots of pampering, because those are that will make you lose your mind. For you. This is the language of love for each sign of the Zodiac.


Taurus is emotional and sensual, bone, which is a matter of feelings expresses them through the senses. Taurus manifests what he feels by touching, looking, listening to you attentively, laughing to encourage you, long stroking your skin in the most affectionate moments … The words for the zodiacal bull also serve to express what he feels, but they bore him more, and if they are for phone, nor do I tell you. Taurus needs physical contact, offering it, and also receiving it. If he feels you close, where he can touch you, he will notice more complicity and affection between you. Forget about gifts and wordy messages: touch him whenever you are by his side while you watch a movie, the back of his neck while you’re in the car, or put a hand on his back or arm even though you’re with other people … affinity, touching and touching before finishing.


Geminis go through life with a lot of personalities and drive. He makes and breaks as he pleases individually, and if he has insecurities he eats them in bites. All this means that in terms of relationships, he expresses what he feels as he feels at all times. In the same way, you like it when your partner talks to you about feelings with sincerity, and you know how to listen when it is the other way around. The Gemini language of love translates into one word that expresses it all: share. And that implies talking, talking and listening, discovering places or hobbies together, organizing plans, reading or learning together … All of this sounds like “I love you” to Geminis. Just as when you are very enthusiastic about something, perhaps even excessively, that your partner supports you, it seems to you that it is a beautiful way to express love and dedication.


For Cancer, if there is something that speaks of love between people, it is when they take care of each other. Therefore, to your partner, the best way you can express what you feel for her is through care, pampering, and generous details to make her life better. Likewise, Cancer, being offered the same, sounds like “I love you, I want you to be well and I will do everything possible to make your life easier and to make you happy.” And Cancer feels dying of love when he sees that his partner cares for him as if he were the most valuable diamond in the world. All this does not mean that romantic words or big hugs do not like, on the contrary, you love them too. But let your partner surprise you when you leave work because it was raining and you knew you didn’t have an umbrella or cover you with a blanket when you fall asleep watching a movie,


Leo will be very clear about how he wants you to show him your love: with everything you can think of but do it in a special way. Leo loves being in love for many reasons: because he believes in love and because he believes that a partner helps him see life in many more colors. And just as he believes in love, he believes in all the possible demonstrations of it: kisses, hugs, loving details, romantic details, romantic dinners, endless glances, if there is a better moon … all that. If you also know how to encourage him, flatter him and congratulate him for everything he shows you, he will feel very very happy. And on the contrary, shutting up and not having any sign of affection sinks him and makes him consider your relationship. It is just as bad that you do not recognize the details that he has with you. That’s how radical he/she is.


Virgo has a specific and very constant way of relating to his life: trying to help others. It is their way of showing affection to others, and depending on that degree of affection, the greater will also be their involvement and their time. If it is your partner, Virgo will go out of his way to help you, to fix something that has gone wrong at home, to bring you or take what you need, and to pamper you. He has a touch of caretaker that is not as well known as his other virtues. This is how Virgo expresses himself and that is how he also likes to be expressed affection. In reality, Virgo is so used to helping others, that he dies of pleasure when others help him or have details with him/her. As he values ​​a lot that if someone loves him, he expresses it by offering time, details, or pampering with generosity. And he values ​​it more because it costs him a lot to ask for help, and when someone gives it to him, he gets emotional and feels very loved. As simple as that. So this is the language of love for each sign of the Zodiac.


Libra is dying for clothes, decorative objects, for beautiful accessories, so when you give him something of this, he sees it as a way of expressing affection that he values ​​a lot. And it’s not that Libra is materialistic at all. It’s just that he’s excited (because he really likes it a lot) that someone has details with him/her. Because the details, whether they are made or chosen with care and care, are a way of expressing feelings. And the details for Libra are that language without words that speaks of love, speaks of dedication and complicity, speaks of attention and interest … and he loves that subtle language to express feelings. This is also how the sign of the scale shows you what it feels, with details. And yours will also be gifts, but apart from Libra, He will express what he feels with details such as calling you to find out how that exam went, or to find out what the doctor told you, or for you to tell him how that meeting was that you were so worried about.


For Scorpio, the language of love can be expressed in many ways: with the gaze, where it leads to winning because it is magnetic and reveals much of what Scorpio feels, and with contact, which in its most powerful expression could be all kinds of romantic acts and play. Love seems to have been invented by Scorpio, so he is an expert in expressing himself through it, and he does it with caresses, passionate kisses, hugging … with his hands, mouth, and skin, looking for the whole body to explode in a thousand sparks fiery. With love, Scorpio also plays, and that game speaks of the complicity that he likes to have with his partner. With love, the contact is safe, something that Scorpio loves, who hates long-distance relationships, on the phone or through a screen. Because that way you cannot express everything you feel.


From Sagittarius, it is easy to say that he is very expressive. It is a word that defines you perfectly. So when it comes to love, Sagittarius also knows how to express what they feel in many ways. He is generous in everything, and if we talk about expressing loving feelings, too. And also, it is that he understands that it is the best and that hiding what he feels is not good. So Sagittarius will offer you quantity and quality, in kisses and hugs, expressions and declarations of love … the typical thing. But digging deeper, there is a small print that Sagittarius offers that it also likes to receive. They are all those details that also speak of love and that are reflected, above all, when your partner follows you on your adventures, trips, and escapades. And Sagittarius feels that he does not need many words of love if his partner wants to accompany him in everything.


For Capricorn, the language of love is not precisely made by words, but by deeds. The sign of the goat places great value on facts, and in your life, acting and achieving goals with them is the law. Words help but less. Because, many times, Capricorn believes that they become lip service, and that is why they do not value them as much. In a relationship, show this sign that you love him with facts. Surprise him, support him in his affairs, steal a kiss when he least expects it, commit yourself, and if he wants to introduce you to his family, don’t be fussy and say yes. Don’t be one of those people who talk a lot about what they are, what they want, what they would do … and then nothing at all. Show him that everything you say is true, and if you love him, tell him too. Not daily, but keep it clear. You will know how to do it in order not to lose it. Capri, this is the language of love for each sign of the Zodiac.


Aquarius, a priori, will tell you that romanticism, silly details, cheesy words, and all that paraphernalia that seems from the eighteenth century are all nonsense. But deep down, like everyone else, he likes to be shown that they love him. And if he can remove the embarrassment of talking about his preferred love language to express feelings, he will confess that the best way in which his partner can show him that he loves him is by UNDERSTANDING him. For Aquarius, who has a mind that always lives on a higher plane than others, who think with a very high level of intelligence, and who is above many conventions, that you understand him, that you understand him, that you listen to him … talks about love. Aquarius always dreams of a better world and that his partner supports him and encourages him to improve it, and applauds him when he does something for everyone else, He talks about his love. And Aquarius feels blessed to have someone like that by his side.


Pisces is happy when it is with the person it loves. It does not matter if they tell you that you are very dependent on your partner, or that you need to do everything in their company. It does not matter to him, it is what he wants and it happens what the world says. His way of expressing his love is that accompanying his partner wherever he wants to go, doing whatever favor she asks, helping her in whatever she needs, hugging her morning, noon, and night … Reciprocally, Pisces likes that her partner is there His side also, every day to enjoy whatever it is together, and in difficult moments in a special way. This is how Pisces likes to be expressed, love. To add something, Pisces will want you to listen to him, whatever, whenever, no matter how silly his topic seems to you. But that’s how he receives your love, noticing that you listen to him and that you are interested and concerned about his things and his topics.


The Language Of Love Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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