The Hidden Side Of The Zodiac Signs

Hidden Side

The Hidden Side Of The Zodiac Signs

We all have an unknown side, no one is spared here. Sometimes we hide that side for pure protection, other times for strategy. A very sensitive person does not have to be the drama in person. That person can also be brave and very strong, what happens is that we keep the first impression and forget to investigate further. If you want to know what the hidden side of the s signs is, keep reading: 


Aries is intense in person, but can also be a very sweet person. He has a very nice, sensitive, and emotional side that he keeps in good hands. Sometimes he hesitates because he doesn’t know whether to show more of that unknown part. He thinks that if he makes himself look sensitive, people will think he’s fragile and he doesn’t like that at all. She can show that unknown part when she is with someone who makes her feel good and FREE.


Sometimes, Taurus thinks that it is not enough and is not in control as they would like. He seems so sure of himself that no one questions that fact. Taurus actually doubts a lot, what happens is that he knows how to hide it very well. When he gets angry over very small things, people think he’s doing it out of pure pride. Nobody realizes the existential crises that go through his head on some occasions.


Gemini seems very sure of himself, but often feels misunderstood. He doesn’t like being told “you get angry for no reason” because that’s mean. The other side of Gemini is very sensitive but NEVER fragile. He doesn’t admit that he’s hurt or that he’s wrong because people don’t listen to him as they should. Gemini wants to receive good advice (like yours) or at least similar, even if they cannot be the same. 


Cancer is synonymous with sensitivity, but it is also synonymous with toughness. That’s right, the crab can be very tough if it sets its mind to it. That hidden side only comes to light when it has to be defended. Or when you feel you have to defend someone you love. Cancer does not think twice, if it has to be someone’s great ENEMY, it does so with a note. Normally it is a person’s love, but it is what it is, if it has to be defended, it does so in a big way. 


It’s hard to see the lion doubting himself, but that can happen. Leo’s hidden side is quite dangerous because he is rarely seen coming. His pride is the medicine that cures all ills, but sometimes that is not enough. When he feels that he doesn’t know what he does or what he wants, chaos may be just around the corner. And if he feels that his people do not support him, be careful, because there he can take out his claws and make the most hurtful comments about him. 


It seems that Virgo goes through everything and does not look for drama or anything like that. Mistake. That’s right, Virgo can also say YES to a good drama, what happens is that he doesn’t recognize it. He doesn’t want to admit it because that way he would be revealing an unknown part of himself. A Virgo likes to keep that information safe because the fewer people know about her or him, the better. She actually loves sauces and she knows it. 


Libra can doubt himself a lot, and that’s true, now, when he gets something into his head, be careful. Libra can become very stubborn if he sets his mind to it. Very capable of destroying everything that comes his way. If he has to be disappointed, he wants it to be on his own foot and not on anyone else’s. The hidden part of Libra is fierce, very cutting, and even somewhat cold. He’s not going to always be a carebear. 


Scorpio has felt many times that he is not where he should be, which is why he has been very hard on himself on some occasions. It’s hard to explain, it’s like he feels that his people don’t get to put themselves in his shoes 100%. He is fed up with having to be the strong pillar, he would also like to have the opportunity to lose himself to find himself without having to explain himself. It’s like he feels that this planet is full of very basic people and they just want to have more and more freedom… 


Sagittarius is a nice, friendly, and funny person. Up to that point, everything is perfect, but he also has the right to be sharp, cold, or simply more distant without reason. That unusual side of Sagittarius draws a lot of attention. It’s hard to see the goalie that way, but why couldn’t he be in a foul mood? Deep down he feels that everyone is judging him when in reality he is not doing anything wrong. 


Capricorn can be a real whirlwind and no one expects that. He has a reputation for being very calm and responsible, but that doesn’t mean anything. He can go into a rage when he feels misunderstood. He can also act impulsively (which he never does) when things don’t go his way. He doesn’t say what he feels often, but when he gets angry, saves himself… 


Behind that attractive personality that he has, a side that is very unknown to many people is hidden. Aquarius does NOT forget so easily. It may give the impression that he is someone very forgetful, but deep down it is not like that. He writes it all down in his head and even more so if he has suffered a lot. No matter how much time passes, Aquarius will continue to remember what made him feel out of place or sadder than usual. 


If the fish has to take revenge, he’s going to do it in a big way. He has a reputation for being very sensitive, but can’t you be sensitive and a bit of a devil at the same time? Sometimes he does it because he’s embarrassed, but most of the time he does it for very big reasons. Nobody beats Pisces in that game, because he has an incredible imagination and will leave his mark. Be careful with the fish, because it can knock down anyone in a matter of seconds.

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