The Emotion You Struggle With The Most. According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Emotion You Struggle With The Most. According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your anger. Don’t always learn to overreact, take a deep breath and think carefully about your next reaction, this will help more instead of getting angry right away. You actually only make everything worse and regret it in retrospect. 


Fear of loneliness. You have to learn to enjoy your own presence instead of feeling lonely every time someone doesn’t seek your presence. Learn to spend time with yourself instead of frantically reporting to others so as not to feel like you’re alone.


Sadness. You need to learn to deal with sadness in a more relaxed manner instead of not leaving the house for weeks just because someone hurt or let you down. Let go of the thought that the world is out there waiting for you to be fine. You miss a lot if you deal too much with your sadness and lose sight of the beauty around you.


Your guilt. The sooner you understand that not everything in the world revolves around you, the sooner you will accept that everyone makes mistakes and nobody is to blame for something alone. Feeling guilty is okay, but always putting all the burden on yourself is unhealthy for your soul in the long run. 


Your jealousy. You should learn to give people the space they need to flourish instead of always being suspicious of your past experiences. Not everyone is like your ex.


Your optimism. You should learn to enjoy the good moments in life instead of waiting for something to go wrong at any moment.


Your fear of risk. Learn to take risks instead of just moving in your comfort zone. No dreams come true on the couch and those who only dream their lives are missing out on reality.


Your lovesickness. You have to learn to deal with the loss instead of closing yourself off and indulging in the pain. Learn to open up to new people instead of just looking back with a tear in your eye.

Sagittarius ( November 23rd  December 21st)

Patience. You have to learn to be more patient instead of always rushing everything and then making mistakes that can often no longer be fixed. 


Your frustration. You can’t know everything, nobody can. So accept your inexperience in certain things and stop desperately trying to create everything that you have set in your head. 


Fear of rejection. Learn to deal with rejection instead of always doing the opposite of it just to appear to others as if you were emotionless.


Disappointment. Learn to be flexible instead of just freaking out when something doesn’t go according to your plan. Disappointments are part of life like breathing, the sooner you understand it, the more worth living your life will become.


The Emotion You Struggle With The Most. According To Your Zodiac Sign

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