What Does Your Ascendant Say About You?

Do you want to know what the things are that influence and determine your attitude, your personality and your appearance?

Your ascendant influences how others perceive you and what expectations you have of the universe or the people around you.

Here’s how you can use your zodiac signs to benefit you and what to expect from your ascending sign.

What does your rising sign say about you?

1. Aries zodiac sign

You are a quick-witted and smart person, but you are often underestimated because of your easy-going manner. You symbolize a lover and a fighter. You know everything that is going on around you and you would never say anything unless you really need to.

If your ascendant sign is Aries, it means you have a brave heart and are doing what is right. You’d rather have a single friend who you get on well with than a large group of people who don’t really care about you. Your playful attitude is admired by everyone. When it comes to love and relationships, your intense eyes can work wonders because it’s like looking into your soul. Sometimes you’re gushing and sarcastic, but that’s only the case when others get to know you better.

2. Taurus Ascending

You are someone who is very ambitious and likes to imagine something in order to learn. You can seem passive or relaxed, but secretly you are always in control. You’re more of a realist, but you love things that resemble beauty and love.

You can seem realistic, but you are also a hopeless romantic. Your heart is full of compassion, but when others do you wrong, you can quickly break away from them. You know how to set boundaries and you tend to subconsciously take the lead without others noticing. But most of the time you are charitable and want to give something back to society. That’s why people admire you.

3. Twin Ascending

You are someone who is humorous but can also get anxious from time to time, so you need attention and validation more than anyone else. When it comes to love, you are a hopeless romantic and you just want something permanent and permanent. You are hardworking and put in a lot of effort in your work and in your relationships.

If you are in the zodiac sign Gemini, people will likely perceive you as chatty and curious because you are sociable and easy to talk to. However, you tend to be busy with multiple projects at the same time, and that stresses you out. You are also a lover at heart and love to be with people. You’re always in the spotlight and people can’t help but stare at you.

4. Cancer Ascending

If there are two aspects of life that are really important to you, it is family and friends. You would never abandon your loyal friends and do anything for them. Aside from being friendly, you can also be funny and sarcastic. You should keep one thing in mind: You take your work and your everyday life very seriously.

If you are a Ascending Cancer, your close friends tend to view you as the “mother” in the group. You are the person people turn to when they need advice or have problems because you know how to be there for them. You are at home and someone who takes relationships seriously. You value and respect your daily schedule because you’ve worked hard to sustain yourself and find things exactly how you want them to be.

5. Leo Ascending

You’re warm and inviting like the sun, but you shut up on your bad days. You either talk too much or talk 24/7 or you literally don’t talk at all. People think they know you, but in reality they don’t know what’s going on inside you.

When your ascendant is Leo you are lively, fun, and mysteriously lovely. People immediately notice you when you walk into the room. Not everyone can keep up with your fiery temperament. You appear happy and tend to think emphatically about others, but you can be very critical of yourself. If you’re dealing with stress or anxiety, make jokes to loosen up the mood.

6. Virgo Ascending

You have the ability to get off the ground and stand up. You can know anyone, but there are probably two people you seriously trust. Your mood swings let you loose on them, but you also make up for them for worrying about them.

As a person, you appreciate people opening up to you, but deep down you can be suspicious of them because you have been hurt before because of your naivety. When it comes to having fun, sarcasm is like a native language to you and you are an adorable joker who always knows what to say.

7. Libra Ascending

You see yourself as the main character in a movie and you are proud of yourself. Even if you seem casual, you’re secretly the smartest in the room. The best thing about yourself is that you don’t feel the need to sugar-coat things, you are honest with everyone.

If you are Libra, it means that you are a social and pleasant being. Sometimes you don’t like opening up, but you appreciate it when others open up to you. You can be indecisive at times, but you come with good intentions and in general you want everyone to be happy. You’re also one of the most diplomatic of the zodiac signs for it.

8. Scorpio Ascending

You are a quiet soul who doesn’t really talk, but you like to listen to others. Once you get out of your shell, you can be very lively and sociable. When it comes to romantic encounters, you are flirtatious and make others smile with your words.

Often times, when your ascendant is Scorpio, you will find that you like people who have more intense personalities than you do. This is because you like honesty and bluntness. You don’t like people and you want to be with real people. You also come across as someone seductive or mysterious, but in a sensual way.

9. Sagittarius Ascending

You come across as someone caring without even realizing it. But that doesn’t mean you’re not entertaining. You are one of those people who get drunk and do crazy things. But you also work very hard and have dreams that are bigger than most.

As a Sagittarius ascendant, you’re someone who sets the mood at parties, is humorous, and crazy, but you also have an emotional and deep side. You have your own problems and demons, which you do not show others, but fight in silence.

10. Capricorn Ascending

You’re one of those people who doesn’t like to reveal too much. You think logically and surround yourself with like-minded people. People see you as work-oriented, but every now and then you surprise yourself and others by doing crazy things.

If your ascendant is Capricorn then you are someone who is confident, organized, and determined.

When it comes to your goals, you are always well prepared. You strive for top performance and have high expectations of yourself and those around you. It goes without saying that you are well dressed and presentable. But you’re also down to earth and don’t believe in bragging about yourself.

11. Aquarius Ascending

You are a person who is amusing without trying too hard. People like you because you have a strong personality. But in reality you are the loneliest of them all. Once someone gets too close to you, you can become clingy and possessive.

As an AQUARIUS you can be perceived as intellectual, imaginative and people-friendly. You are also known to be very independent. That’s because you stand out from the crowd. You like to be relied on because you want others to accept your help.

12. Fish Ascending

You are without a doubt one of the most interesting people. You are someone to have amazing conversations with, and you can make anyone open up. Even if you are rather mysterious with your feelings.

If Pisces is your ascendant, you are likely dreamy and affectionate. Most people believe that you are trapped in your own world and don’t care about others. However, when you first meet someone, it may seem like you are not actively listening to them, but in reality you are perceiving everything about them, including their thoughts, posture, and emotional reactions.

Find out if the ascendant signs form an accurate opinion of you for this and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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