The 7 Brutal Truths About Loving an Aquarian Man

Being a sign of the intellect, the Aquarian man is difficult to gauge.

They often have that distant look in their eyes and don’t always seem to be there, but they notice a lot more than you think or a lot more than they let on.

Aquarians are people watchers and are much more likely to choose their partners for how different or interesting they are than for any other reason.

They are also excellent listeners and read a lot more into what you are saying than you are really aware of.

They may also sound or look weird because they are lost in their thoughts most of the time and are naturally very curious.

Intellectual conversations stimulate them, so it will not be so easy to conquer one of them if you do not have interests and aspirations.

In addition, they feel drawn to many people and engage in harmless flirtations, which is why they are often misunderstood by people.

But once you fall in love with someone, you are forever bound to them.

You don’t fall in love easily, and it’s really hard to get an Aquarius to fall in love with someone

But when they do, their partner can consider themselves very lucky because they are very strong mentally and emotionally and will always encourage you to become a better person.

Unlike Scorpio, Capricorn or Libra, who always think and act negatively, Aquarius is never out to hurt others and spread hatred.

Although Aquarius is one of the signs who may seem emotionally distant, they feel things very intensely.

So never try to deceive them because their instinct tells them everything and protects them at all times.

They love to be in company and partying, but they also love to sit back at home and relax with loved ones.

There is nothing that cannot be discussed with them and they like to hear their opinion even if they disagree with it.

In addition, they are very open-minded and reluctant to adhere to social rules and the like.

So if you are too conservative you may never be able to take them by the hand and escape with them into a world of infinite possibilities.

1. He will tear you off your feet

The Aquarius man is immensely charming and knows how to talk to women very well.

In his appearances, he will therefore never make a woman feel less worthy or uncomfortable.

So he will respect her limits and have an interesting conversation with her in order to impress her.

Plus, he’s not the kind of obtrusive or over the top, either, which is why a lot of women love him.

For this reason, but also because of the fact that he is very masculine and exudes a moderate amount of macho energy.

In addition, he is also very reliable, professional and passionate, so it is very difficult not to fall in love with him.

2. He’s pretty cold when it comes to feelings

The Aquarian Man is never overly romantic even when it comes to the woman he loves, however he can be overly passionate.

Licorice rasping is not attractive to him, nor does he think it will advance his pursuit.

Therefore, he will keep his feelings and comments under control so as not to appear overly desperate or confirm his feelings.

Otherwise he would be in a bad position from which he cannot control the woman.

In many ways, he is the perfect womanizer because he knows how to respect a woman without her being overly moved by his affection.

He also does this to preserve his personal freedom, which he does not want to be deprived of in a relationship.

3. He is not impressed by simplicity

If you want to really impress the Aquarian Man, then you need to step out of the ordinary and traditional a little.

He doesn’t want a woman who demands everything from a man and gives nothing in return, but someone with real interests.

A badass woman who has her own hobbies, who dives to her favorite music and who works for herself.

Because the most important thing that attracts him is the independence that allows a woman to be what she wants to be, even when she is with him.

In some ways, he is also drawn to a certain level of innocence and shame and the absence of the unpleasant.

He loves passion but dreads the idea that someone is blatantly cheating on him and wasting his time.

4. He will give you what you deserve

The Aquarian man has too many options to be treated like a doormat.

Therefore, he will only ever give a woman what she deserves.

No exceptions and mercy, as the rewards of bad behavior will never be in line with its goals.

Even if he loves someone deeply, he cannot simply throw overboard his pride and all of the principles that he has held to for so long.

Because they not only define him, but also any kind of work he throws himself into.

Therefore, the woman who loves him must be very careful in the way she treats him, because her behavior towards him will determine the whole course of the relationship.

5. He won’t let you disrespect him

The relationship with the Aquarian Man is as simple as it is complex.

Aside from their somewhat unpredictable nature and extreme freedom of choice, they are very well put together as individuals.

They’re not too vocal with their emotions and maybe a little cold, but still, their actions always make sense and have a purpose.

So when they like or want someone, their actions speak louder than their words.

In a relationship with them, you should also pay attention to your actions and words, as they take them very seriously.

Occasional outbursts of anger and arrogance won’t go down well with them, and they will take their time to forgive you.

6. He’s brutally honest

What many may not like so much is the Aquarian Man’s brutal honesty.

Certainly, he is absolutely unfiltered with a large amount of sarcasm that can make even the most arrogant person think.

He always says what is going through his head, but also the whole truth about a person or situation.

This is why it takes someone who is really confident and confident to be their romantic partner.

Because not everyone is able to tolerate their honesty and straightforward manner.

So you need someone who is self-aware and will love you selflessly and without coercion.

7. He’ll leave when he’s not comfortable in the relationship

An Aquarius man will always foresee the end of a relationship because he can instantly sense when a person’s feelings change.

Also, he can easily see that he is no longer a priority and that he can no longer trust his partner.

Then he slowly waits for him to be honest enough to admit it, or he does it on his own.

Whereby he doesn’t want to be the one to end things, but prefers that the other party take responsibility if their feelings have changed.

Aquarius will rarely break up, after all, they never do anything for no reason, and once they start something they definitely don’t want it to end.

But if the circumstances are below his level, he will definitely break up.


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